Playing with the intelligence and feelings

Even where the Israeli army will play with our intelligence? Humanitarian ceasefire? Three hours? Honestly speaking the Israeli government could at least be accused of crimes against humanity by deliberately causing more than two hundred deaths of children.
Is absolutely disgusting the indifference to the civilian victims of the invasion of Gaza. I think this is the most stressful military operation of Israel throughout its history. Certainly there will be a big change from the international society against a government that has just approved the intensification of attacks in Gaza.
I hope that these actions do not become an even greater hatred of Islamic radicals against the people of Israel. That would only be worse for the Jewish civilian population.
All the reasons that the targets of military action are the Hamas basis for launching rockets becomes unsustainable by trail of blood and pain that we see every time trough the press.
I am becoming increasingly aware that diplomacy is dying, powerless to stop the hostilities. What our Church leaders can do more against such barbarity? This is the question that is shouting in my heart!

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