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Ecumenical Solidarity is helping landless people to find ways to overcome eviction in Ariquemes, Brazil

Dear brothers and sisters,We are going through a time of renewed hope with the work carried out by the leaders of the community of the agricultural workers at the Urupena farm in Ariquemes, in the state of Rondônia. After an appeal for solidarity by the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB), through our Bishop Primate and General Secretary in the name of almost 250 people from this Farm, we have received ample and unrestricted solidarity from our own church, from ecumenical movements and organizations, from the organized civil societyand from individuals in Brazil and abroad.The online petition has so far attracted 185 signatures. And this instrument has reached government bodies opening doors to finding a political and institutional solution for the serious problem caused by a judicial decision of eviction signed by a judge from Ariquemes. FEBRASIL (The Brazilian Spiritist Foundation) and FESUD (The South American Ecumenical Forum)showed their solidarity contributing towards th…

Serious threat to landless people in Missionary District - Brazil

Dear brothers and sisters,Grace and Peace!!As Provincial Secretary of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil I would like to make public an appeal for the prayers and support of all the Church in relation to a tragic event that will affect about 250 people in “linha 50”, in Ariquemes. Above some pictures from my last visit to them in July.It is a matter of a court decision of eviction of the settlers in the Urupema farm. After an occupation of over 13 years and the mediation of the INCRA (National Institution of Colonization and Agrarian Reform) in settling these families, the judge Deisy Cristian de Oliveira Ferraz decided to vote for the eviction of the 30 or so families and now the eviction order is in the hands of the Military Police.We are doing what we can together with political authorities and are looking for support for arranging a meeting between the leaders of the community and INCRA in Brasília, hoping to reach a solution.Our Primate Bishop is in London on an engagement…