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A successful 2010`s conspiracy

2009 is leaving us with their achievements and challenges experienced in the midst of financial and environmental crisis.For some the crisis has gone; for others remains the challenge of re-engineering priorities. 2010 is coming with the challenge to look more seriously the environmental agenda. The world is crying the consequences of an economic model irrational and illogical unable to generate quality of life.I wish the new year becomes a time of metanoia. Changes in attitude of the world leaders in how they treat national interests related to economic or military power. My hope is that the principle of mutuality among nations prevails. That poverty less to be no longer a statistic detail and becomes a priority concern. I dream of a world where politics and economy could be grounded on an ethics of interdependence. I want a world where we can not feel fear and insecurity caused by ethnic, political or religious rivalries.I know for some people, all these dreams may seem impossible. …

Church of Brazil publishes official note on Ugandan Bill

16 dezembro 2009
“Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.” (Blaise Pascal)International society has, throughout its long history, adopted new levels of conscience and freedom and gradually overcome several ways of excluding human beings because of their race, economic status, culture, beliefs and sexuality. We understand this process as a consequence of God’s love for humankind. The Church, as part of this process, has the responsibility of courageously defending the advancement of respect for all peoples, based in the law of love.The Church itself accepted discrimination in the past, and in many cases helped promote people’s exclusion, revealing its incapacity of responding to its own time’s demands. God’s spirit, however, has challenged the Church to understand that nobody has the right to act, or consent to actions, against any innocent person. This process of gradual spiritual enlightenment …

Christmas message from a friend who feel as part of a large and multicultural family

My dear brothers and sisters Receive an affectionate greeting from our church in Brazil and wishes of a blessed Christmas to renew our baptismal commitment to the service of the world. May our lives be an instrument to announce good news to everyone!
I hope this simple message can carry with it the beauty of God's love revealed trough a fragile child. Francisco  Posted via email from conxico's posterous