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A successful 2010`s conspiracy

2009 is leaving us with their achievements and challenges experienced in the midst of financial and environmental crisis.For some the crisis has gone; for others remains the challenge of re-engineering priorities. 2010 is coming with the challenge to look more seriously the environmental agenda. The world is crying the consequences of an economic model irrational and illogical unable to generate quality of life.I wish the new year becomes a time of metanoia. Changes in attitude of the world leaders in how they treat national interests related to economic or military power. My hope is that the principle of mutuality among nations prevails. That poverty less to be no longer a statistic detail and becomes a priority concern. I dream of a world where politics and economy could be grounded on an ethics of interdependence. I want a world where we can not feel fear and insecurity caused by ethnic, political or religious rivalries.I know for some people, all these dreams may seem impossible. …

Church of Brazil publishes official note on Ugandan Bill

16 dezembro 2009
“Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.” (Blaise Pascal)International society has, throughout its long history, adopted new levels of conscience and freedom and gradually overcome several ways of excluding human beings because of their race, economic status, culture, beliefs and sexuality. We understand this process as a consequence of God’s love for humankind. The Church, as part of this process, has the responsibility of courageously defending the advancement of respect for all peoples, based in the law of love.The Church itself accepted discrimination in the past, and in many cases helped promote people’s exclusion, revealing its incapacity of responding to its own time’s demands. God’s spirit, however, has challenged the Church to understand that nobody has the right to act, or consent to actions, against any innocent person. This process of gradual spiritual enlightenment …

Christmas message from a friend who feel as part of a large and multicultural family

My dear brothers and sisters Receive an affectionate greeting from our church in Brazil and wishes of a blessed Christmas to renew our baptismal commitment to the service of the world. May our lives be an instrument to announce good news to everyone!
I hope this simple message can carry with it the beauty of God's love revealed trough a fragile child. Francisco  Posted via email from conxico's posterous

The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil responds to the Anglican Covenant

The  Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil announced today its official position on the consultation sent by the Anglican Consultative Council about the proposed Anglican Covenant.A deep and long process of discernment was leaded by the Primate`s Special Commission in consultation with bishops and lay leaders around the Province. The Brazilian representative at the Anglican Consultative Council, Prof. Dr. Joanildo Burity raised before the Special Commission the subsidies of the discussions held in Jamaica on the proposed Covenant. The document released today by the IEAB stated that the first three sessions of the Covenant meet what are historically the understanding that  Anglicans have about their faith and the nature of the Church. Are already mentioned in the major theological documents that the church built over his existence. In relation to section four, the IEAB expressed its concern about some unclear concepts and a juridical style unusual in the history of Anglicanism. While all pr…

Statement from Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil on the Vatican`s Provision

The Vatican's announcement on 20 October of the enactment of a special Apostolic Constitution to take in Anglicans discontented by the ordination of women and homosexual persons certainly represents a new and unexpected level in the relations between the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church.For the past 40 years, both churches have maintained a frank and productive dialogue that began with the initiative of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Michael Ramsey to break centuries of silence between both sides. Such were the winds of the Second Vatican Council, in an era of advancement of dialogue and overcoming indifferences. This process continued in the past few decades with the production of documents and the creation, on the provincial level (including in the province of Brazil), of national committees for dialogue between Anglicans and Roman Catholics. We give thanks to God for all the work put forth amid much difficulty, but also mutual respect. This was achieved through our…

Ecumenical Solidarity is helping landless people to find ways to overcome eviction in Ariquemes, Brazil

Dear brothers and sisters,We are going through a time of renewed hope with the work carried out by the leaders of the community of the agricultural workers at the Urupena farm in Ariquemes, in the state of Rondônia. After an appeal for solidarity by the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB), through our Bishop Primate and General Secretary in the name of almost 250 people from this Farm, we have received ample and unrestricted solidarity from our own church, from ecumenical movements and organizations, from the organized civil societyand from individuals in Brazil and abroad.The online petition has so far attracted 185 signatures. And this instrument has reached government bodies opening doors to finding a political and institutional solution for the serious problem caused by a judicial decision of eviction signed by a judge from Ariquemes. FEBRASIL (The Brazilian Spiritist Foundation) and FESUD (The South American Ecumenical Forum)showed their solidarity contributing towards th…

Serious threat to landless people in Missionary District - Brazil

Dear brothers and sisters,Grace and Peace!!As Provincial Secretary of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil I would like to make public an appeal for the prayers and support of all the Church in relation to a tragic event that will affect about 250 people in “linha 50”, in Ariquemes. Above some pictures from my last visit to them in July.It is a matter of a court decision of eviction of the settlers in the Urupema farm. After an occupation of over 13 years and the mediation of the INCRA (National Institution of Colonization and Agrarian Reform) in settling these families, the judge Deisy Cristian de Oliveira Ferraz decided to vote for the eviction of the 30 or so families and now the eviction order is in the hands of the Military Police.We are doing what we can together with political authorities and are looking for support for arranging a meeting between the leaders of the community and INCRA in Brasília, hoping to reach a solution.Our Primate Bishop is in London on an engagement…

Honduras: a civil war on the way?

The recent political crisis in Honduras has increased to a dangerous level and could cause a irreversible civil war. Affected for years of power of economical oligarchies that never managed to implement changes in the social pyramid of one of the most poor countries of the continent, Honduras assists the tentative of its elites to legitimize interests with a violent coup d'etat.Despite an unanimous condemnation of the coup from the international society the usurpers are not considering any alternative to negotiate the returning of deposed Manuel Zelaya, the legitimately elected President. Isolated and supported only by lying arguments and untenable justifications the President de facto try to remain in the power at the expense of violations of the human rights, imposing suspention of constitutional rights and repressing with violence the popular demonstrations.The brazilian governement now is at the center of the crisis because the deposed President is refuged inside the Brazil…

A novidade para a sucessão em 2010

As recentes pesquisas sobre preferência do eleitorado para a sucessão presidencial em 2010 revelam novos e interessantes aspectos que precisam ser considerados.O primeiro ponto é a inesperada superação do caráter plebiscitário entre o PT e o PSDB materializado nas candidaturas de Serra e Dilma. Até um mês atrás, mais ou menos, o cenário se apresentava como uma eleição pela aprovação ou rejeição do fenômeno Lula, através de sua candidata, contra a oposição liderada pelo PSDB.As demais candidaturas continuariam reunindo forças minoritárias dentro do espectro político sem ameaçar a polaridade entre as candidaturas de Serra e Dilma. Mesmo com a possibilidade de mudanças "por dentro" na aliança oposicionista do tipo Serra ou Aécio, o cenário tinha uma variável pouco considerável. Fora desse contexto, a oposição mais à esquerda não apresentava nenhuma possibilidade de avanço significativo.A saída de Marina Silva do PT e a possibilidade de sua candidatura pelo PV é o fato novo que …

Discerniment and courage to decide!

As a guest of the PB  I'm participating for the first time in a General Convention.
My feeling is of joy by the warm welcome I received and the constant and efficient work of volunteers who have had a very important role in this GC. My gratitude for the gesture of welcoming to many brothers and sisters from around the world revealing the true meaning which is written on the banner in front of the Convention Center.
I have seen with much appreciation the excellent level of discussions among delegates. Even on controversial subjects I can see a commitment to each other with the truth and with respect. And here I say that this convention will be historic because it can mean a breakthrough in the way of how the TEC believes that it should take its part in the mission of God's people.

For some groups, this GC is almost a character of a referendum in which the TEC will decide whether to continue or not in the Anglican Communion. For  these people maintenance of u…

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An idol made of flesh

Michael Jackson's death made us think about how humankind is capable of feeling orphaned when one idol fights life's naked frailty. My adolescence's soundtrack was filled by this man's geniality.  Like me, other generations were enchanted with his creativity and glamour.  All of us imagined ourselves mimicking his unusual dance steps.  Joy and magic were part of his performance.  The whole world bowed to his talent, and his fans could be found anywhere.  But, like other idols, Michael also could not resist the weight of his image and fame.  This fragile man could not stand the pressure upon him and suffered awful consequences in his private life, which was exposed by the same media that at times sanctified him and at times took him to hell.  Once, I heard a very creative sentence on TV, which expresses very well who Michael Jackson was:  "a child who was obliged to work as a man and a man who also tried to be a child!"

IEAB mourns the death of Jaci Maraschin

Jaci Corréia Maraschin (1929-2009): priest, poet, and theologian.
The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB) is greatly saddened to announce the passing of one of its most illustrious members. Ardent defender of liberty, inclusiveness, the ordination of women, and creativity in hymns and liturgy, Rev. Maraschin was born in Bagé, State of Rio Grande do Sul, where from an early age he began to put his talents to work for the church.
He was a youth leader at his home parish, Matriz do Crucificado, and a leader of the monthly publication Flámula ("Flame") for young people in the
church. He entered seminary in Porto Alegre in 1951 and was made a deacon in 1953 at Igreja da Ascensão in Porto Alegre. The year thereafter he was
ordained a priest and went to study at General Theological Seminary in New York. As soon as he returned to Brazil, in 1956, he was put in charge of
coordinating Christian education and began to teach at the Theological Seminary of Brazil, ambitio…

drops of rain no Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

via A green leaf and drops of rain I want to represent the hope of the Iranian people against violence and tyranny of state. Green for hope and drops of water representing the life that insists on being successful.
The language of force can intimidate but never beat the power of people! Posted via web from conxico's posterous

flower to those in pain!

via My deepest thoughts to those who are in pain related to the AF 447 tragedy. Posted via web from conxico's posterous

Pentecost: from boxes to outside!

Among the many approaches we can take to understand the meaning of Pentecost, one of them caught my attention. It is the passage from ignorance to freedom of intuition. The passage from fear to courage. Think and live in Spirit is to acquire the capacity to see beyond the simple reality. In other words is to learn to read with the divine intelligence. Take the apostolic community model: feeling unsafe despite so many evidences of divine power manifested through the Resurrection. But still lacked the ability to understand with more certainty the God's message to the world.
The result after the Pentecost manifestation was the courageous announcement of the God's love to the world. The ability of Peter to say what might be called as the first synthesis of the historical process of God's revelation is surprisingly to us all. An illiterate fisherman was able to speak with authority, eloquence and his message fully understood by so diverse audience. Only the Holy Spirit coul…

ACC 14: an invitation to continue walk

Many of the delegates present at the ACC's meeting expressed their feeling of hope at the end of the journey in which was spent ten days. Such encounters often creates strong links between people. Cultural and theological diversity always challenges us to understand and value the importance of what things are common between us. While working hard for long time is inevitable feel communion with other people for the simple fact that others are seeking to live their faith in a broader perspective . Even if we are on opposite sides on certain issues, it is possible to establish a bond of affection which is the main mark of a true communion.
An overview of the entire event is possible to say that he successful followed the same spirit of the recent worldwide meeting of the instruments of unity. There are no winners or losers. But there is an effort to seek consensus. The fact that the Covenant has been accepted and submitted for further review on section 4 means a challenge for those s…

Do not look the clock!

In these days the attention from around the Anglican Communion are devoted to the
deliberations of the ACC 14. Among many decisions and hard agenda, the ACC will deliberate about the future of the Anglican Covenant.
Reading and listening comments on the process of discussion in Kingston on discussions around the table on the proposed last draft of the Covenant I saw with some concern statements made by some parties.
Deny the process of conversation around the Pact seems now a minority position within the Communion. But, in the other side, try to impose it with statements as "now or never" is not acceptable and wise way.
Even the Church of Brazil has had an attitude of dialogue, evolving from a position of rejection to a compromise. Earlier versions of the Pact seemed to us very contrary to Anglican tradition. The attempt to create a curia or a structure that regulates the thought and life of the autonomous Provinces was seen as unacceptable.
The latest version has a more light …

The Hades lost the game!

When the first light of morning on Sunday enter a tomb only will be found linens gently perfumed by the hands  of the faithful women.Who was dead is no longer there. The Hades has no more power over him. Christ  is risen.All Passion is only the price and condition for the manifestation of something new and completely different.When we look around us we can easily identify with the Passion of our Planet. Nature cries of pain caused by the destruction founded in selfishness and insensitivity.The poor cries in pain by the shame of living by the charity of others and crumbs that fall down from the table of the rich. Children cries in abandonment and exploitation suffering in a world that fails in develop a sense of responsible fatherhood and motherhood.Women still suffer discrimination and some of them become victims of fatal male violence seen with complacency by the society. Drugs have killed more than wars and their victims are a signal that our society is losing this fight.This is the…

Pastoral Letter from the House of Bishops to the people of God - The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB) Easter of the Lord, 2009

“Now on that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them, but their eyes were kept from recognizing him. … They stood still, looking sad.”(Gospel of Saint Luke 24:13-17)As someone once said, one day, we too will find ourselves on the road to Emmaus. We have often sung: “In the hour of trial, Jesus... the night will soon fall, night in Emmaus...” . In fact, the “stranger” was recognized but his presence quickly vanished from the sight of the disciples. The gathering, the conversation, and the revelation were blessed, unexpected, touching, and truthful.One might say that many times over the past few years in our experience as members of the IEAB, as citizens of our country, and not least in remembrance of our own personal and family life… we have been “looking sad.”As Brazilians we suffe…

Answers can change the world

We celebrate today the Feast of the Annunciation. A detailed analysis of this event between an Angel and Maria tells us
something very simple, but essential: an answer.
Many people often prefer to emphasize the supernatural aspects of the epiphanic events within the Bible. And really we have fantastic list of those that are beautiful. It's not every day that someone has
the privilege to see and hear an angel saying something extraordinary.
But the most important is not the elements that constitute the side of the supernatural. The miracle depends from the side of natural: the
response we give to God's call.
Mary was courageous and his Yes was crucial for everything who followed the
plan of God for humankind. All wonderful and all miracle is effective
only when hearts are open and willing to do God's will. This response
of the young Mary changed her life and also the course of history.
Was a response from inside, entire, not only in lips. Answ…

Silence and Obedience: Joseph

One of the most impressive lessons I learned from Joseph, husband of Mary and father of Jesus is on ground as his life was an unquestionable submission to God’s will. And in all this, a point to emphasize: there is no record of any word in the Gospels made by him!Many thoughts, many intentions many carefully considerations, but always introspective. And the result was always to please God. To follow the divine inspiration and do what was best for Mary and the Child.The biblical narrators not registered any word from his mouth, but many thoughts and wise decisions. In their hands and heart the Child and Mary always felt safe and loved.This Lent, perhaps it is time to imitate the Joseph’s example. Many of us used to talk so much, but often we do not act as the same measure of our spoken words. Normally we prefer speak than hear the will of God.Our true beliefs must be seen in our concrete actions. This season of Lent could be a great opportunity to review our concrete commitment to the …

Could be human rights a criteria for to be part of the Anglican Communion?

After reading carefully the report on the human rights situation in Nigeria I felt very sad about the silence of the Nigerian Church and its connivance with such violence that is practiced there.
The recent debate about legislative changes in Nigeria strengthen homophobic policies and the support that leaders of the Anglican Church has offered to extend these rules even more has drawn the attention of organizations of human rights worldwide. My feeling of shame increases when I saw the church failing to defend the integrity and the basic rights of people who are criminalized for being homosexuals.
The basic and fundamental question is not to agree or not with the sexual orientation of individuals. The most important in this problem is only related in values that are at the root of the Gospel: the dignity of every person should be respected unconditionally.
In the name of an orthodoxy that has fueled censure and exclusion of other parts of the Anglican Communion for its liberal attit…

Amazing Together

Anglicans from all regions in the Americas are gathering in Costa Rica to share a mutual responsibility in Mission and find ways for more efficient cooperation between Provinces and dioceses.
After a long period of preparation, which includes conference calls, the meeting becomes reality with the presence of leaders representing the provinces such as five of the seven Primates, Provincial Secretaries and others leaders in a diversity of orders and involvement within their Provinces.
Celebration, Bible study and presentation of what each Province is doing under the light of five marks of the Anglican Mission has been shared in the midst of a very attentive and respectful attitude.
In his opening message of the meeting, Archbishop Martin Barahona said that the responsibility of Anglicans in this part of the world is to stand together, united for an effective witness of the Gospel values.
The director of Mission of the Anglican Communion, Reverend John Kafwanka addressed to the plenary a ref…

The World Social Forum and the absence of the worldwide Anglican Communion

These days we are participating in Belém, capital of Pará and the see of the Diocese of Amazon in another edition of World Social Forum. This movement of organized society is completing eight years since it was inaugurated in 2001, in Porto Alegre. Since its beginning, the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil  close to ecumenical partners and interreligious groups have supported and marked presence in their editions.
Some people asks about why our church is institutionally involved and  so continuously with this movement, which still arouses suspicion in the mass media. Here, some arguments to justify the relevance of such commitment. 1. It is a movement that appears to be the opposite side to the World Economic Forum, who includes the most powerful people in the world and that over time has maintained a model socially unjust and responsible for exclusions of billions of people around the world. 2. It is a movement that has no religious characterization and / or ideological control of the…

Patience and Good Luck Obama!

Looking to the crowd gathered in Washington for Barack Obama's Inauguration, I remembered that six years ago a great popular feast in Brasilia as our country celebrated as never before the arrival of a worker to the Presidency.
Joy and almost an explosion of hope were in the minds and hearts of our people.
Today, six years later, our President Lula certainly did not reached everything he promised but certainly changed the image of Brazil.
This is what I see in the faces of the United States' citizens today. An explosion of joy and hope. Obama certainly will not make anything he wants, but the History is putting in his hands the opportunity to change. The dream and the reality will be the train track on which the new President will walk to make possible the change. Not only in the face of the world but also in the face of his own nation.
The most important thing to be done by the new President is to act with patience and wait the results of their work as a gardener wait for the flo…

Gene Robinson and the signal of changes!

The recent news about the invitation of bishop Gene Robinson to take part in the religious celebrations at the President Obama's Inauguration Day is a clear message that the US society is really living a new time.
It is one more evidence that the President Obama seeks to affirm the consistency of his campaign as a statesman.
He has given signs that understands very well the position of to be a head of State in a pluralistic society, multicultural and religiously complex.
When he received criticism for choosing a conservative evangelist to also take part in the celebrations, his reaction was the most patient possible, giving a clear intention that he wants rule not only by the pressure of organized segments of society, but in an inclusive perspective.
The feeling that the President must always keep in heart is to ensure that the ideological and cultural differences must be lived under the rules of the law, preserving the right of free expression and manifestation of all social actor…

Playing with the intelligence and feelings

Even where the Israeli army will play with our intelligence? Humanitarian ceasefire? Three hours? Honestly speaking the Israeli government could at least be accused of crimes against humanity by deliberately causing more than two hundred deaths of children.
Is absolutely disgusting the indifference to the civilian victims of the invasion of Gaza. I think this is the most stressful military operation of Israel throughout its history. Certainly there will be a big change from the international society against a government that has just approved the intensification of attacks in Gaza.
I hope that these actions do not become an even greater hatred of Islamic radicals against the people of Israel. That would only be worse for the Jewish civilian population.
All the reasons that the targets of military action are the Hamas basis for launching rockets becomes unsustainable by trail of blood and pain that we see every time trough the press.
I am becoming increasingly aware that diplomacy is dyin…

Peace for Gaza

We have seen an increase in the last week of the conflict in the Gaza Strip with more than 420 fatalities, and a great majority of innocent civilians, including children.

These events have shaken the international public opinion but not yet the Israeli's authorities. Moreover, it is not today that the prevailing discourse in Israel related to the Palestinian people is based on military strategy.

The mainly argument for this violent reaction is the launching of rockets by Islamic militias against the Jewish territory

Nothing more disproportionately than the comparison of forces between the radical Islamic militia and the army of Israel.

I'm raising my voice to of all people of good will that has been engaged in in solidarity with the Palestinian people. A people whose reality is marked by constant threat of violence and exclusion.

Let us pray for the people of the Gaza, and we must create a chain of solidarity to pressure the Israeli government and the militias to stop the hostiliti…