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D. Cappio e seu testemunho sobre a transposição do S. Francisco

Ouvi uma profunda reflexão do bispo Luiz Cappio sobre a crise da água.Um homem que fala com autoridade e paixão sobre o tema da água e sua militância política e espiritual contra o maga projeto de transposição do Rio São Francisco.O processo de destruição do Rio vem a galope. Em 1928 a vazão média do rio era de 3.000 metros cúbicos por segundo. Hoje essa vazão está em 600 metros cúbicos. O represamento ocorrido desde a década de 40 é o grande responsável por essa perda de vitalidade do rio.  O projeto de transposição não garante em nenhuma hipótese a qualidade de vida dos ribeirinhos. Os grandes beneficiários serão as minorias e seus conglomerados financeiros, ávidos pelo monopólio da água e das terras da região. Abaixo, algumas das principais assertivas da fala do bispo Cappio:"É preciso respeitar a natureza. Ela merece o cuidado. Os projetos grandiosos em torno do quais se aglutinam forças excusas enganam o povo e o submetem ainda mais aos interesses de uns poucos em troca da m…

Fear and exclusion: new challenges for the Communion

Good Friday: Where are we? At the foot of the Cross?

Certainly in our society dominated by the aesthetic sense of beauty and happiness, the scene of Calvary has no a privileged place. But for us the scene of Calvary Christian requires us feel part of it. There are women and a young disciple. Sharing the suffering of the righteous and offering him the comfort of a farewell. How many of us would have the courage to stand at the cross? We need to take the pain and the implications of rejection by the powerful of this world for whom the message of the Gospel is foolishness. They forget that the powerful real power resides in those who are capable of becoming weak. The cost of the cross is the requirement for the fullness of life, to resurrection. It is a reverse logic that many minds are not able to accept. The empty tomb is not seen without having been a burial. Maybe that's the main point that Christian theology says the baptism: to die for the world and be born again to God. Many of us can say how James and John said, we can experience t…

IEAB is in solidarity with Haiti

A National Campaign was lauched to raise funds to support Haiti after the tragedy we saw tuesday.
Destruction and pain: two words that sum up the tragedy that struck Haiti. The earthquake that struck the country has create a sad picture that must be overcome with the solidarity of the world. Children walking in the streets alone and injured, without direction, because they have lost their families. Bodies are everywhere. Mother in searching some news about missing children. Families marked by mourning. Lack of water, electricity, medical help, no medicines and all of this in the midst of urgency to bury the countless dead. The Haitian people are really in need of our help and every one of us must to offer concrete help.
Restoring hope and a decent future in Haiti is a difficult task, but if we each give our small collaboration will overcome this challenge. Governments, churches and organizations around the world are doing their part. Are contributing to the reconstruction of this bel…