Mostrando postagens de Agosto, 2007

Impressions from Hong Kong

My debut as a member of this important body within our Communion is giving me greater awareness on the diversity of our church.The Church in Hong Kong received us all with a warmest feeling of hospitality. Kindness and promptness in offer to us a very organized event looking for everything that make us touched for their witness as brothers and sisters in Christ.The first thing I would like to point is the important fact that we can stay together with a large difference of roles and Provincial styles related to the job of a Provincial Secretary.This makes the event even more exciting in way to offer rich approaches.Beyond that, is clear that this three yearly meeting permits every Provincial Secretary to update its own comprehension on the dynamic and changeable context of our Communion.The Hong Kong’s Conference is offering a singular opportunity to show how as Provincial Secretaries we can contribute for more inter-dependence between our Provinces in terms of strengthens and weaknes…

Missionary District of the West: a frontier to be strongly supported!

My visit to the Missionary District of West was a magnificent experience. It was my first contact with this part of Brazil. And my first visit as Provincial Secretary to this jurisdiction under provincial responsibilities. The state of Rondônia - part that I visited - has all the proper contradictions of our rich country. Natural beauties, with its surrounded rivers and igarapés of a equatorial forest threatened to each day for the voracious deforestation.
A contradictory society built to generate few people rich and exploring the environment. And in the opposite side the majority does not have access to basic public services, such as education and health.
A region where the violence against children and teenagers is raising to an unexpected level. Years and years of pure control by egoistic elites generate an enormous will of transformation from the excluded population.
Voices to defend the dispossessed ones are few. Between these voices we have the Church. Our Church in Rondônia and i…

The show must go on!

Dears Friends

In the last 30 days I lived the dubiousness of feelings around life and the death through the illness and the final travel of my beloved father to the other side of the river.
In all these moments I received from many friends the affection and the certainty that the final Word of God is: the show must go on, paraphrasing the famous song interpreted by Fred Mercury.
Yes, the show must go on because this is the expressed wish from those that leaves the scene of history to share the eternity in faith.
Thus, keeping in mind and heart the firmness showed by my father for many years during his earthly life, I feel myself comforted and ready to say as Job: I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.
My deepest thanks to all my friends and colleagues that shared with me this experience. I know that many of others did not hear about my father’s death but were so kind with me during his illness. Such solidarity deepened my faith and my commitme…