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Stop the war!

Before leaving for share New Year's celebrations, I wish to all my friends from far and near my best wishes for a happy 2009. And I am offering a prayer that this new year could be plenty of hope, reconciliation and promotion of human dignity.
My heart is broken by the recent atrocities seen in Gaza. But I ask the Almighty God to enlighten the hearts of world leaders, the Palestinians and Jews of bona fide to promote peace in that region. We do not want to see more innocent victims from an unjustified war.
Today, I embraced the cause of the Jewish Voice for Peace and the cause of the Shministim. I think gestures of courage and conscience of the value of peace can overcome the permanent war that separate two peoples born of the same root.
It is with this feeling that I carry from this ending year.
My prayer is that this new year could renew the hope that we can live in another world possible. Blogged with the Flock Browser

What kind of Gift?

This global crisis could be a great lesson for us all. Many people are discovering new / old ways of living the Christmas's season without the consumption normally expected.
According some polls published by some experts in market tendencies, this year will be the worst in terms of sales in shopping malls in four decades. Such a situation could transform the Christmas celebrations around the world. People must be aware about the meaning of a feast where the most important thing is not necessarily give goods but became a gift to each other. Affection, deep commitment, comfortable messages is much more authentic than simply go to shopping and spend money to buy goods.
Express feelings of brotherhood is perhaps the greatest challenge of our times. And our God expressed it in a marvelous way. The true meaning of Christmas is the God's gift, pure and simple gesture to descends from heaven and meet us face to face. And choose, to our surprise, just a poor family, a humble woman an…

Brazil: a serious concern on human rights related to prisioners

A delegation from the Province of Brazil visited a state prison of Goiás last week as part of an overview about diaconal actions from the local community. Joined the visit the Primate, the Provincial Secretary, the local priest, a representative from USPG and a representative from the Roman Catholic Prison Pastoral.   It was a painful experience for all of us. We saw the bad situation of the infrastructure and the terrible conditions in what live the prisioners. Inhospitable conditions, unhealthy state, water infiltration in the building could be found besides other serious violations to the dignity of the prisoners. The visit was in one of the three blocks of the institution. We were recomended do not visit the others areas for safety reasons, acording the superintendent. At the block A we saw the prison overcrowding, with an unacceptable rate for up to six prisoners per individual cell.  The feeling I experienced was to be in a completely parallel world, isolated from the rules of dig…

Wise words

A Speech as statesman. This is in essence the analysis of the speech of President-elect Barack Obama before his followers last night.
Hope and Dialogue. Things rare in the Bush administration.Probably President Bush will turn to history as a President who chose the most expensive way to do what is expected of a great leader. Hard words and fire arguments. A disastrous combination that increased the antipathy against the United States and caused so much pain to so many people.
It is very important that a leader of state does not consider the owner of the destiny of the world.In the game of power, use it without wise may cause unpredictable consequences.

The era Obama will face major challenges. He certainly is not and will not be a super hero. It is only a man who has courage to take their dreams on. He will need support and wise counselors to overcome the present difficulties. The best way is dialog with other world leaders to find the path for peace and cooperation to overcome inequali…

Who is worried about who?

The recent financial crisis in world markets called my attention to an issue that needs to be considered as one of the greatest weaknesses of our time.
It is what I call the (non) ethic of capitalism. At a time when the world and churches are working in find ways to support the fight against inequalities, is so sad to see leaders around the world find money to save financial institutions with an incredible amount of trillions of dollars. Certainly no one is interested in the break of the financial system with all consequences directly linked with people’s life. We are not interest in improve the poverty of billions of workers around the world.However, the basic question is: how is it possible governments have so much money to help the financial machine, exactly when the system affirms that States are becoming so reduced in economic power? Especially, after de breakdown of the socialism, the majority of thinkers affirmed strongly that there would be no more government intervention in th…

The indaba must go on!

The Conference arrived at its presential end.

The rain that was falling during the closing Eucharist celebration at Canterbury Cathedral was a signal of the sadness that Kent is experiencing about visitors going out soon.

All the work of Bible studies, the indaba groups , the sessions, must now be painted in a frame that will be the inspiration of the whole Church for the next decade.

Bishops and wives were the artisans of a colorful bedspread. I was located at Darwin College and in my bedroom we have a nice set of bed clothes, with differents colors, giving me a confortable visual sensation. My hope is that people continues to look for the Anglican Communion and feels confortable with its diversity.

From this Conference we'll bring advances and stepbacks. Advance en methodology. It was very effective to put people in the indaba process. Stepback in not consider - in a level as wished - some voices from those who are accused to betrayl the Comunion with their broader biblical and pas…

No winners, no loosers!

After two weeks of an intense program, the Lambeth Conference is waiting for a final period when all the discussions, plenaries, groups and indabas can point more accurately referrals we can expect will raise for the future of the Communion.
These referrals by multiform models will become its response both to internal and external audiences. As the Archbishop said at the opening address, this audience is so vast and anxious!
My experience these days here assures to me that the result of this Conference will frustrate those who are expecting a complete debacle of the Anglican Communion.
I was so impressed how some media representatives and GAFCON's spokespersons infiltrated at the Conference were working in provoke this terrible result.
The end of the Communion does not benefit anyone.
This Conference invited people to hear more than to talk. And this is the great goal that until now the gathering is achieving. It is so evident in testimonials given by bishops and spouses. Words as tru…

Clouds over Lambeth?

Since it started, the Conference has been an example of a quiet meeting involving successive sessions of celebration, reflection, sharing and hearing.
The heavy clouds for now are only those of the undecided British summer .
In a press news release, the Archbishop Rowan Williams reaffirmed his sadness with the absence of those who decided to boycott the conference. He expressed that the group who choiced stay away are loosing the opportunity to talk and to hear.
As a witness of the Conference I'm experiencing that beyond clouded sky we have beauty in Kent! Flowers, trees, birds and rabbits are crossing our ways within the campus.
The atmosphere seems that there is a strong communion between the more than 600 bishops who are joining the Conference. This is not guarantee that all are agreeing in everything, but all are agreeing in the indaba method.
Until Sunday the nature of the Conference will be more introspective with the five addresses that the Archbishop will deliver for his colle…

Lambeth at the doors: a place for hear God's voice

"I'm going with hope and apprehension !"

That phrase was said to me by one of our bishops who are on the way to the Lambeth Conference. It is a summary of the very real feeling of all bishops who will attend the first Conference of the 21st century, whose agenda will be marked by the pursuit of a better equipment for the mission. Every effort was made by the Design Group toward better facilitate the coexistence, the study and sharing of experiences among participants, thereby avoiding the character of plenary discussions and votes on divisive theological disputes.

Of course, present issues such as sexuality, environment, women in the episcopate, bioethics, among others will not be left aside. Facing this agenda is part of the challenge that the Church has to interact within the global society. What we hope in this Conference is a change of method and the spirit in which the reflection and the dialogue will be developed .
Certainly, Canterbury is not a place to find victor…

Women Bishops: Looking for the future!

"We want to take hold of our future and we are gripped, paralyzed, by our past"

In his sermon yesterday, before an audience divided and shaken by the last debates at the CofE's General Synod, the Archbishop Rowan Williams told about future and past. I brought the above phrase to reflect about the tension that in this special moment of our Communion is putting bodies in different sides.
Within Church of England the debate is now around women episcopate. One of the most moving moments I lived was in 1994, at Bristol Cathedral, when the first 32 females priests were ordained in the church of England. I told in that time to BBC reporter, outside the Cathedral after the ceremony I was so happy and my comprehension were that Church of England was giving a magnificent step to be authentically inclusive. I was in that time studying at Selly Oak, Birmingham.
Normally debates on the issue of women ministry had been so hard trough times. Brazil was the first South America Church to ap…

Confessing or Practicing?

I remember from  my lessons in History of the Church  the impact caused in England by the so-called millennial petition movement made by non - conformist in the beginning of James I reign. At that time the non-conformist wanted to reform the church and transform it into an arm of continental Calvinist Protestantism.
The response gave by the king to petitioners at Hampton Court is now in my mind: I know very well you! The king, of course was referring to those more radical puritans. Later, in his writings on his famous work Basilicon Doron he said that the puritans were sediciosos, who had no respect for authorities.
I see some parallels between contemporary puritans of James I and the movement today called FOCA - Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans. Obviously the first fruit of GAFCON Conference!
They want to build an Anglicanism under a puritan framework and likeness their self understanding  of orthodoxy, ignoring our tradition and disrespecting violently all the institutions that …

At the head? Jesus only!

"But emerging from the legacy of colonialism must mean a new co-operation of equals, not a simple reversal of power"

I just received from the Anglican Communion Office a response delivered by the Archbishop Rowan Williams on the GAFCON statement.
The phrase above represents a very appropriate comprehension on the central issue that is causing divisions and pain within the Communion. The affirmation about not reversal of power is so perspicuous. I have no doubt that the basic motivation that allowed people to create alternatives networks accusing others to be not orthodox is specifically a dispute to stay at the head.
As a communion we don't need to demonstrate who has the control. The table where disciples seat is a place for humility and comprehensiveness. The table is not a place for intolerance.
The ABC's response will make those - who has an open vision on the Church's role - feel so comforted.
The true spiritual life is not based only in words or theologies,…

God save Zimbabwe

Is absolutely unacceptable for anyone in healthy conscience to see the escalation of violence that we saw in Zimbabwe. Threats, killings and injuries caused to people indiscriminately are part of a dramatic process of maintenance of a dictatorship leaded by Robert Mugabe.
When I visited that country ten years ago I could perceive the social inequality and exclusion of the vast majority of zimbabwans. For me, to see that poverty and disenchantment raised to me a question: to where was the dream of an Africa free of colonialism?
In that time I was visiting Harare as delegate of the WCC's Assembly. I remember that Mugabe visited us and made a speech marked by an empty populism and he was only concerned about the lights and cameras before him.
The world has witnessed a monstrous process of violence and disrespect of human rights that must be stopped strongly as possible.  My solidarity to all people of Zimbabwe. They can not suffer the consequences of dictator mentally ill.

Brazilian church is destroyed and clergy is threatened in the diocese of Parana

In an act of extreme violence, employees of powerful landowners destroyed, among other buildings, the chapel of an Episcopal Church at the Primeiros Passos Camp, located road side of the BR 369, near the city of Cascavel.The invasion occurred in the early morning hours of May 08, with the participation of tractors, excavators, retro-excavators and weapons of large caliber. The intimidation occurred in a context of serious tensions between landowners and social organizations. The Episcopal Church and fellow Christian’s churches are firmly defending and supporting the Movement of Landless People in the west of the Paraná state. The Episcopal priest in the area is the Revd. Luiz Carlos Gabas, and he is supporting the families in build a school(also destroyed at the attack)  for children and the chapel. The chapel was planned to be dedicated on May 18 and was built with great effort by the whole community. The destruction of the chapel becomes even more symbolic because it represents a cl…

Brazilian Bishops responds to the St Andrews's Draft of the Covenant

During its last meeting in Curitiba, the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil generated an official response to the Anglican Covenant - St. Andrew's Draft.  Such draft was sent to all Anglican Communion provinces, so they would examine it and send suggestions to it.After a consultation process leaded by the Primatial Advisor group, a letter was presented before the Bishop's House and discussed and unanimously agreed.Bellow you can read the full text. The original letter also could be found at in the documents section.Life in Communion and the Communion of LifeAt our meeting of the House of Bishops , we, the bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, , wish to say that we are following with great interest the work of the Commission, which is proposing to the Anglican Communion a Covenant whose objective would be to help overcome the current tensions within the church. We appreciate the effort and sincere concern of this group and …

Brazilians Bishops protests against Venables violation of Windsor Report

A statement issued by Brazilian Bishop's House was delivered to all te Anglican Communion on the recent unauthorized visit within the Brazilian Province broking definetively the bounds between the two Provinces:Bellow the complete statement.Curitiba, April, 03, 2008. To His Grace The Most Reverend and Right Honourable The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan WilliamsAnd to the Primates, Moderators of the United Churches, Bishops and to all the Faithful of the Anglican Communion The House of Bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil gathered in Curitiba unanimously express their strong repudiation of the recent visit by the Archbishop of the Southern Cone to the city of Recife, where he took part in and celebrated at official occasions outside his Province without the knowledge and consent of the Archbishop of the Province of Brazil and this House of Bishops. This disrespectful and arrogant attitude against the Province of Brazil, is another element of discord caused by …

The power of Ressurrection: the only one!

In this holy week all of us are invited to reflect on this antithesis: Cross and Resurrection, absolutely linked and interdependent. As  the Anglican Communion we have before us a chance to renew our vitality and our richness.
The journey of suffering caused by schisms and conflicts must have an end. The spending of money and words about orthodoxy have not changed the suffering world's face.
The world is still dominated by concentration of wealth, war and the destruction of the environment.
All  pretensions of power must be crucified and buried. We must try to experience the uncontrollable force of the Resurrection, where  old things are overcome and a new creation is shown in its fullness.
May this holy season and the sign of foot washing inspire us to be servants and not lords. May  Jesus' witness teach us that both the certainty of Rome and the orthodoxy of tthe Jerusalem Temple are empty.
Our hearts need to be open to stay in silence awaiting the n…

Who will hear us?

The Primate of Brazil, Most Revd. Mauricio Andrade made a statement addressed to the Anglican Communion on the recent letter from five Primates confirming the boycott to the Lambeth Conference. In his declaration the Primate points the need to witness the unity of the Communion. As Anglicans we are not a Federation of Churches. If we continues to highlight the conflict between us, who will heara us?The Archbishop also reaffirms the position of the Brazilian Church to understand that the Covenant is unnecessary  because we must seek communion and not domination. In addition to that, our tradition is clearly defined in Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral. To those who are seeking a more authentic orthodoxy the Archbishop answers:  orthodoxy in fact is nothing more than proclaiming the love of God who reconciles us with life, and abundant life. He also expressed his recognition that the TEC has been very generous to fulfill everything that  were asked by the Primates and other instances of the…

Solidarity for people in Illinois

“God, record our lament, list my tears on your scroll – are they not in your record?” Psalm 56:8Certainly there are not rational answers for what happened yesterday in Illinois Campus. We live in difficult times. These tragic events has been repeated so incomprehensible recently. Only a strong emphasis in a peace culture could be a didactic way to avoid sudden violence against innocent people.Policies of disarmament are so needed to be adopted by governments. My heart is going to be with our brothers and sisters in Illinois. I pray for our beloved people at St. Paul's Episcopal Church who are trying to be supportive with families that are crying their pain. Receive my prayers and solidarity. In such circunstances we can pray together as the psalmist did in the Psalm 56.

Truth, social justice and respect: a truly Trinity for politicians

I would like to welcome an excellent article written by Richard T. Hughes in Episcopal Life on line dealing about the faith concerns that had been raised at the current presidential campaign in the USA. This is particularly widespread in countries like United States or Brazil where the historical processes reveal that our societies were built under Christian values. This reminds me some years ago a campaign led against the current Brazilian President Lula da Silva when he was candidate for first time at the presidential campaign. Some evangelical leaders spread rumours that Lula da Silva as leftist and atheist would close churches and expropriate its properties.I read today that the candidate Barack Obama warned people about hoax e-mails they may get saying he's secretly a Muslim who might want to destroy the United States. Mitt Romney faces hostility from some evangelicals for being Mórmon. The prejudice against who aparently has no public appearance as a "good christian&quo…

Christ to all people and cultures

"Adorazione dei Magi" (XV sec.) - Domenico Ghirlandaio Spedale degli Innocenti - Firenze.After a deserved retreat to celebrate Christmas and New Year with friends and away from the routine of Office, I'm returning again inspired by the manifestation of Christ to the world, as we celebrate in this season of the Epiphany.In it, the presence of the Magi before the boy and his offer of worship is a clear assertion that other people and cultures are welcome to the presence of Christ. God by himself, revealed to these men from the East that the odd phenomenon of the Incarnation occurred.
This is a clear message that the divine revelation does not depend only on us but that is manifested despite us!The scene of the visit of the Magi is eschatological. Joining hearts and wishes before the incarnate God we find the cosmos, all cultures, all genders, all social classes, and all celestial powers. Who are we to destroy this harmony? How can we stop or overcome this synchronism?Ou…