Peace for Gaza

conflict in Gaza (owned by REUTERS)

We have seen an increase in the last week of the conflict in the Gaza Strip with more than 420 fatalities, and a great majority of innocent civilians, including children.

These events have shaken the international public opinion but not yet the Israeli's authorities. Moreover, it is not today that the prevailing discourse in Israel related to the Palestinian people is based on military strategy.

The mainly argument for this violent reaction is the launching of rockets by Islamic militias against the Jewish territory

Nothing more disproportionately than the comparison of forces between the radical Islamic militia and the army of Israel.

I'm raising my voice to of all people of good will that has been engaged in in solidarity with the Palestinian people. A people whose reality is marked by constant threat of violence and exclusion.

Let us pray for the people of the Gaza, and we must create a chain of solidarity to pressure the Israeli government and the militias to stop the hostilities creating conditions to lead a diplomatic agreement. All of us, by our Christian consciousness have commitment to those who suffer the violence of war, specially when the conflict separate and cause pain to people of the same root.

I recently joined an important cause. Is the cause of the Shministim. They are young Jews who are imprisoned for refusing to military service for reasons of conscience. Are men and women between 17 and 20 years old who refused to join the Israeli army called to fight against the enemies of Israel, including the Palestinians.

This movement is gaining strength even within Israel, perhaps signaling that new generations want to overcome the hatred and the creation of a peaceful coexistence between Jews and Palestinians. The movement has a website that can be accessed in

I hope the internacional leadership and the United Nations take the most urgent measures to ensure that the ceasefire be achieved. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Presiding Bishop of the TEC and other leaders of the Anglican world have called incessantly for that.

May God in His infinite mercy console the victims of yet another aggression against the Palestinian who is trying for many decades to build their own legitimate nation.
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