Mostrando postagens de Setembro, 2007

Who needs rulers?

I read with profound gratitude the document released by a group of American bishops entitled The Constitutional Crisis and addressed to the House of Bishops gathered in New Orleans.This statement written from a constitutional and canonical perspective raises very important issues on the actual debate within the Communion. The struggle from constitutional reformers is establish a kind of international rule for the whole communion guarantying a superlative legal instance that defines what is or not is Anglican in essence.Many of those who defend the Covenant – a body of principles as a standard of faith and legal compromise between provinces – are inspired by a willingness to overcome theological differences. The Covenant as proposed until now is raising many reactions from around the worldwide Communion as a threat to its inclusiveness built trough centuries. As the Archbishop of Wales told recently: ‘The indications now are that many see it as a contract, a means of ensuring a uniform…

Change and light: the nature of Mission

I was reading the news on Bonnie Anderson’s trip to Forth Worth. Her support for those who are experiencing difficult times within their diocese is a sign of hope. I’m happy her efforts have strengthened those who understand mission as openness to change the world and themselves.

The strong reactions to her visit by the Diocesan establishment seems to evidence how the theological conflict is overshadowing those who see maintenance of power as the final truth.

As a foreign partner I need to say that I don’t like to reinforce conflict. I respect profoundly the autonomy of each instance within the communion – this is a standard of our tradition. In this way I have no right to make any judgment on the statement made by the diocesan bishop. He has his right to have his own understanding of the right path for his diocese.

What I want to say is that I can’t conceive of Mission without movement. The Way of Jesus is a way of constant movement. Movement from a Jewish background toward a broad pers…