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At a Mugabe's feets...

As was not enough the biblical fundamentalism conservative and its sad consequences within Anglican Communion, my eyes did not want to believe in what bishops' from Central Africa stated on the Zimbabwe context, in a Pastoral Letter. In that document, practically the Anglican Church puts herself kneeling in front of a dictator. Everybody have knowledge about what Mugabe is doing against his political objectors. The daily violations of human rights and power maintenance by violent and intimidate ways are so evident to the public opinion around the world. The groups that support him in power are so unscrupulous. The fear is the language used agains who defies the President.
While organizations and governments are trying to pressure Mugabe to leave the Anglicans bishops argue in favor of an intangible harmony in the current circumstances. Expressing an rhetorical nationalism, they condemned the West for cause the suffering of Zimbabwean people.
The document makes no reference to the…

Lament and tears at God's hands

Sometimes we ask ourselves why events as yesterday in Virginia happen.
Certainly there are not rational answers for that. We live in difficult times. Each of us are in risk to face a tragedy. In the altar of our society, it seems that many innocents will continue to be sacrificed.
Only a strong emphasis in a peace culture would be a didactic way to overcome the violence. Policies of disarmament are so needed to be adopted by governments. In any corner of USA people are free to buy guns and this is one of the stimulate way to see scenes as yesterday.
Looking for this catastrophe we can be convinced how the human being is able to manifest its unconscious shadow, specially in a middle of a materialistic society that no is aware of spiritual needs. The consumption and materialism transform the people in sterilized souls, disconnected from love and compassion.
My heart is going to be with our brothers and sisters in USA. I pray for each family that is crying their pain. Nothing is sufficient t…

He humbled all

The greater example that inspires us at the Holy Week is the full donation of Christ to the world’s cause.
He taught us, when washed disciples' feet, that everybody we needs to be clean of what represents our own shadows.
See our fellows as equal are the secret to abandon any power pretense. Wash the feet each other constitutes an exercise of humility and repent.
When, at the cross, He died carrying all our pains and limitations, Christ taught us the profound meaning of God’s compassion. Compassion directed to all humankind. By his death we were definitively sealed with his blood. This seal challenge us to live as he lived, according St. Paul’s writings. The discipleship is more than an honor: is a commitment to carrying the pains and limitations of each of our fellows. His arms extended at the Cross symbolize embracing the entire world. Differently that we see today in our world full of exclusions, especially of those that are not conformed according the rulers.
May God have mercy up…