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The power of Ressurrection: the only one!

In this holy week all of us are invited to reflect on this antithesis: Cross and Resurrection, absolutely linked and interdependent. As  the Anglican Communion we have before us a chance to renew our vitality and our richness.
The journey of suffering caused by schisms and conflicts must have an end. The spending of money and words about orthodoxy have not changed the suffering world's face.
The world is still dominated by concentration of wealth, war and the destruction of the environment.
All  pretensions of power must be crucified and buried. We must try to experience the uncontrollable force of the Resurrection, where  old things are overcome and a new creation is shown in its fullness.
May this holy season and the sign of foot washing inspire us to be servants and not lords. May  Jesus' witness teach us that both the certainty of Rome and the orthodoxy of tthe Jerusalem Temple are empty.
Our hearts need to be open to stay in silence awaiting the n…