quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2008

Wise words

A Speech as statesman. This is in essence the analysis of the speech of President-elect Barack Obama before his followers last night.
Hope and Dialogue. Things rare in the Bush administration.Probably President Bush will turn to history as a President who chose the most expensive way to do what is expected of a great leader. Hard words and fire arguments. A disastrous combination that increased the antipathy against the United States and caused so much pain to so many people.
It is very important that a leader of state does not consider the owner of the destiny of the world.In the game of power, use it without wise may cause unpredictable consequences.

The era Obama will face major challenges. He certainly is not and will not be a super hero. It is only a man who has courage to take their dreams on. He will need support and wise counselors to overcome the present difficulties. The best way is dialog with other world leaders to find the path for peace and cooperation to overcome inequality and exclusion of 2 / 3 of the inhabitants of the world.
Despite not be an USA citizen, I offer my congratulations to you Obama for your election. My prayers will be with you. May you be full of patience and humility. Look at the world through the eyes of those who have suffered discrimination - as you - but instead of using weapons sowed tears for a better future!

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