Gene Robinson and the signal of changes!

The recent news about the invitation of bishop Gene Robinson to take part in the religious celebrations at the President Obama's Inauguration Day is a clear message that the US society is really living a new time.
It is one more evidence that the President Obama seeks to affirm the consistency of his campaign as a statesman.
He has given signs that understands very well the position of to be a head of State in a pluralistic society, multicultural and religiously complex.
When he received criticism for choosing a conservative evangelist to also take part in the celebrations, his reaction was the most patient possible, giving a clear intention that he wants rule not only by the pressure of organized segments of society, but in an inclusive perspective.
The feeling that the President must always keep in heart is to ensure that the ideological and cultural differences must be lived under the rules of the law, preserving the right of free expression and manifestation of all social actors.
It is not an easy task for a statesman. Normally the tendency of politicians is to seek popularity and this has a high price. Try to please everyone is absolutely impossible. Who wants to please everyone probably will not please anyone.
The next President has shown - at least in situations of conflict of interest - that he can wait the waves hit the sand and calm down in reflux.
I think this is a good start for a government that wants to be a real change.
His statement about the conflict in the Middle East is a certificate that for him the most important is the unity of the country.
His addressing about that the U.S. can not have two international policies or two governments was very ethical. From January 20 the USA will have a single government and the hope of many that is really witness a government of change. At least the requirements are placed on table. Among them, the inclusion of people who think differently. Those in US society must wait to have a guarantee that the visibility of their rights and their values will be respected.
Gene Robinson, go with confidence and show that as within the larger society, the church also needs to live the richness of difference and guarantee the freedom and legitimacy of every person.

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