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Who will hear us?

The Primate of Brazil, Most Revd. Mauricio Andrade made a statement addressed to the Anglican Communion on the recent letter from five Primates confirming the boycott to the Lambeth Conference. In his declaration the Primate points the need to witness the unity of the Communion. As Anglicans we are not a Federation of Churches. If we continues to highlight the conflict between us, who will heara us?The Archbishop also reaffirms the position of the Brazilian Church to understand that the Covenant is unnecessary  because we must seek communion and not domination. In addition to that, our tradition is clearly defined in Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral. To those who are seeking a more authentic orthodoxy the Archbishop answers:  orthodoxy in fact is nothing more than proclaiming the love of God who reconciles us with life, and abundant life. He also expressed his recognition that the TEC has been very generous to fulfill everything that  were asked by the Primates and other instances of the…

Solidarity for people in Illinois

“God, record our lament, list my tears on your scroll – are they not in your record?” Psalm 56:8Certainly there are not rational answers for what happened yesterday in Illinois Campus. We live in difficult times. These tragic events has been repeated so incomprehensible recently. Only a strong emphasis in a peace culture could be a didactic way to avoid sudden violence against innocent people.Policies of disarmament are so needed to be adopted by governments. My heart is going to be with our brothers and sisters in Illinois. I pray for our beloved people at St. Paul's Episcopal Church who are trying to be supportive with families that are crying their pain. Receive my prayers and solidarity. In such circunstances we can pray together as the psalmist did in the Psalm 56.

Truth, social justice and respect: a truly Trinity for politicians

I would like to welcome an excellent article written by Richard T. Hughes in Episcopal Life on line dealing about the faith concerns that had been raised at the current presidential campaign in the USA. This is particularly widespread in countries like United States or Brazil where the historical processes reveal that our societies were built under Christian values. This reminds me some years ago a campaign led against the current Brazilian President Lula da Silva when he was candidate for first time at the presidential campaign. Some evangelical leaders spread rumours that Lula da Silva as leftist and atheist would close churches and expropriate its properties.I read today that the candidate Barack Obama warned people about hoax e-mails they may get saying he's secretly a Muslim who might want to destroy the United States. Mitt Romney faces hostility from some evangelicals for being Mórmon. The prejudice against who aparently has no public appearance as a "good christian&quo…