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The indaba must go on!

The Conference arrived at its presential end.

The rain that was falling during the closing Eucharist celebration at Canterbury Cathedral was a signal of the sadness that Kent is experiencing about visitors going out soon.

All the work of Bible studies, the indaba groups , the sessions, must now be painted in a frame that will be the inspiration of the whole Church for the next decade.

Bishops and wives were the artisans of a colorful bedspread. I was located at Darwin College and in my bedroom we have a nice set of bed clothes, with differents colors, giving me a confortable visual sensation. My hope is that people continues to look for the Anglican Communion and feels confortable with its diversity.

From this Conference we'll bring advances and stepbacks. Advance en methodology. It was very effective to put people in the indaba process. Stepback in not consider - in a level as wished - some voices from those who are accused to betrayl the Comunion with their broader biblical and pas…