terça-feira, janeiro 20, 2009

Patience and Good Luck Obama!

Looking to the crowd gathered in Washington for Barack Obama's Inauguration, I remembered that six years ago a great popular feast in Brasilia as our country celebrated as never before the arrival of a worker to the Presidency.
Joy and almost an explosion of hope were in the minds and hearts of our people.
Today, six years later, our President Lula certainly did not reached everything he promised but certainly changed the image of Brazil.
This is what I see in the faces of the United States' citizens today. An explosion of joy and hope. Obama certainly will not make anything he wants, but the History is putting in his hands the opportunity to change. The dream and the reality will be the train track on which the new President will walk to make possible the change. Not only in the face of the world but also in the face of his own nation.
The most important thing to be done by the new President is to act with patience and wait the results of their work as a gardener wait for the flowers appearance.
Changes require time and mature. The most important thing is want to do. The rest depend on the ability of leadership to make other people and nation to become committed partners of this change.
My prayers for this young president who assumes the country's leadership in a very difficult times. The journey will be difficult, but if his heart is signed in the dream of ancestors will have enough energy to take the steps that need to be done!
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John disse...

Thanks for your good wishes and reflection in the occasion of the inauguration of President Obama. The whole world is hoping that realchange can happen. May it be the dawn of a new day!

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