Mostrando postagens de Novembro, 2007

A humble and wise response from Church of Ireland

On that day you will not be put to shame
       for all the wrongs you have done to me,
       because I will remove from this city
       those who rejoice in their pride.
       Never again will you be haughty
       on my holy hill.
Zephaniah 3:11I just read a statement from Church of Ireland responding about the proposed Anglican Covenant. The answer was given by a proposal of a new Covenant, in which appear noticeably some of our more traditional marks as Anglican Communion.
Above all, I enjoyed the reassurance of inclusiviness and the provincial autonomy as values inextricabel linked our history. The document affirms that Scriptures need to be read under the evolution of the human needs. This assertion constitutes a vehement no to those who are attempt to  build a narrow doctrinaire Covenant for specific purpose of exercising control over the Church.This very sensible statement moved me to reflect about the today's biblical text at the morning …

Brazilians Churches agree on mutual recognition of Baptism

In a very moving celebration at the Mosteiro de São Bento, São Paulo, Brazil, the Roman Catholic Church, The Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil, the Presbiterian United Church and the Sirian Orthodox Church signed a document recognizing mutually the administration of the sacrament of Baptism.This agreement was a result of many years of dialogue and advance of a more closer relashionship between these Churches trough the National Council of Christian Churches (CONIC). The signature took place at the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the CONIC, last week, precisely at 15th november. More than 400 people witnessed the celebration. At the document, the churches agree that " the baptism instituted by Christ is fundamentally a free gift of God, linking the baptized with the death and Christ's ressurection for sins pardon and new life".Also, the Churches "accept the Baptism as basic link of the unity that is given by the fai…

Martin Luther: Sorry for that!

In the last days I saw a variety of declarations delivered by a group of conservative Primates and theologians within the Anglican Communion. In one of these declarations, the Archbishop Akinola compared the current crisis inside the Communion with the context of Reformation. Adding more color on his statement he invoked the image of Luther to say that the conservative group faces the same challenges and needs to embody the same struggle and values defended by the German reformer.
In my opinion, this comparison is absolutely out of context. And surely for Luther's demerit!
I would like to point at least two reasons for justify as it is unhappy this comparison:
1. Luther fought against obscurantism - One of the main postulates of the Reform was exactly overcome the monopoly of the biblical interpretation by Church chiefs. The Bible was, according to Luther, important element to faith enrichment and the Church laymen owed themselves free access to Scriptures. Each believer has the righ…

Dearborn: a nice fellowship!

One week of rich talks with fellows from around the world and brothers and sisters from TEC. It was an opportunity to share common concerns on our mission as partner’s churches.
The meetings of the Executive Council and the Standing Committee on World Mission were shared at Hyatt Hotel in Dearborn, MI, in a midst of a very hard agenda but at the same time full of hopes and courageous decisions.
Warm welcomes were addressed to the representatives from Philippines, Mexico, Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de Centro América, Liberia and Brasil. From each of these sisters churches were heard summarized reports on their emancipations processes, their commitment with justice and peace issues and theirs actual challenges. Every address was heard with heartfelt attitude.
After 25 years of the decennial plan for autonomy, it was the first time that a Primate from Brazil and the Provincial Secretary were invited to attend the TEC’s Executive Council Meeting. This invitation, as the Archbishop Mauric…