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Amazing Together

Anglicans from all regions in the Americas are gathering in Costa Rica to share a mutual responsibility in Mission and find ways for more efficient cooperation between Provinces and dioceses.
After a long period of preparation, which includes conference calls, the meeting becomes reality with the presence of leaders representing the provinces such as five of the seven Primates, Provincial Secretaries and others leaders in a diversity of orders and involvement within their Provinces.
Celebration, Bible study and presentation of what each Province is doing under the light of five marks of the Anglican Mission has been shared in the midst of a very attentive and respectful attitude.
In his opening message of the meeting, Archbishop Martin Barahona said that the responsibility of Anglicans in this part of the world is to stand together, united for an effective witness of the Gospel values.
The director of Mission of the Anglican Communion, Reverend John Kafwanka addressed to the plenary a ref…