Pentecost: from boxes to outside!

Among the many approaches we can take to understand the meaning of Pentecost, one of them caught my attention. It is the passage from ignorance to freedom of intuition. The passage from fear to courage. Think and live in Spirit is to acquire the capacity to see beyond the simple reality. In other words is to learn to read with the divine intelligence. Take the apostolic community model: feeling unsafe despite so many evidences of divine power manifested through the Resurrection. But still lacked the ability to understand with more certainty the God's message to the world.
The result after the Pentecost manifestation was the courageous announcement of the God's love to the world. The ability of Peter to say what might be called as the first synthesis of the historical process of God's revelation is surprisingly to us all. An illiterate fisherman was able to speak with authority, eloquence and his message fully understood by so diverse audience. Only the Holy Spirit could do that. The numinous picture of God translated trough the witness from a simple person. Pure freedom to believe and speak what is believed.
This is the biggest challenge for us today. Leave the box of fear and insecurity for a powerful announcement of the message of God to the world. We live captives in theological, cultural and ideological boxes as hostages of fear. We need open our hearts and minds and let the Holy Spirit comforts us and release the passion and insight for the courage to speak and live according to the values the Gospel tells us.
The Spirit pushes us out of the box. Leads us to the freshness and to the active intuition. Instead of fear the Holy Spirit tells us that we should not worry about what to talk or to do.
Let us pray as a NZPB collect lead us:
Almighty God,
you kindled this day the light of your Spirit
in the hearts of your faithful people;
may we by the same Spirit
have a right judgment in all things,
and evermore rejoice in your love and power;
through Jesus Christ our Saviour,
who lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit,
one God now and for ever.


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