ACC 14: an invitation to continue walk

Many of the delegates present at the ACC's meeting expressed their feeling of hope at the end of the journey in which was spent ten days. Such encounters often creates strong links between people. Cultural and theological diversity always challenges us to understand and value the importance of what things are common between us. While working hard for long time is inevitable feel communion with other people for the simple fact that others are seeking to live their faith in a broader perspective . Even if we are on opposite sides on certain issues, it is possible to establish a bond of affection which is the main mark of a true communion.
An overview of the entire event is possible to say that he successful followed the same spirit of the recent worldwide meeting of the instruments of unity. There are no winners or losers. But there is an effort to seek consensus. The fact that the Covenant has been accepted and submitted for further review on section 4 means a challenge for those seeking to maintain the Communion together. In some moments, such as the resolution on the Middle East, the consensus is result of balance of arguments and a good exercise of dialogue with passion and reason. Sometimes is not sufficient have the right idea. It demands also to be suitable for some specific situation.
A word from the Archbishop could well summarize the importance of this ACC meeting. He himself took some positions that were not supported by the majority of the House. The same was also with those who wanted a more Orthodox Communion. Or with others who wanted to leave Kingston with the feeling of victory.
Or perhaps, others wanted a definitive answer on sexuality and marriage. The great danger of authoritarianism is to want simple answers to complex questions. Therefore, the challenge is to continue. Talk, listen, disagree, pray and thank the difference of others. Not to leave but stay at the table.
Advances in the fields of development and health issues, justice and reconciliation processes were achieved with a high degree of consensus. Our Communion is discovering that we need to show commitment with the world. Any orthodoxy or definite answers could guarantee that we will welcomed by our Almighty God. Being Church is not thinking about herself.
Questions remain. And they have to be faced on the road. All of us are invited to walk and to see around and live for our neighbor.
Our gratitude to Prof. Dr. Joanildo Burity for his collaborative and dedicated work representing our Province.


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