Do not look the clock!

In these days the attention from around the Anglican Communion are devoted to the
deliberations of the ACC 14. Among many decisions and hard agenda, the ACC will deliberate about the future of the Anglican Covenant.
Reading and listening comments on the process of discussion in Kingston on discussions around the table on the proposed last draft of the Covenant I saw with some concern statements made by some parties.
Deny the process of conversation around the Pact seems now a minority position within the Communion. But, in the other side, try to impose it with statements as "now or never" is not acceptable and wise way.
Even the Church of Brazil has had an attitude of dialogue, evolving from a position of rejection to a compromise. Earlier versions of the Pact seemed to us very contrary to Anglican tradition. The attempt to create a curia or a structure that regulates the thought and life of the autonomous Provinces was seen as unacceptable.
The latest version has a more light shape, exploring more deeply the sense of communion and basic standards of our tradition. It is result of the hearing process held at the Lambeth Conference and the Primates Meeting. Still, there remain problems and contradictions in the Section 4 of the new version. This section needs to be more largely discussed within Provinces.
Personally, I have been a critic of the proposed Covenant. I do not think necessary. But I'm open to admit - if it helps to keep the communion alive - to seek a minimum consensus. If some common agreement is possible we will advance to overcome irreparable break.
The main challenge of the Anglican Communion today is the restoration of trust between people. This trust goes shaken by the simple fact that some who are fighting for the Covenant they themselves continue to cross borders and cause divisions
They ask for moratorium but they are violating moratorium. There isn't sincerity in these people because they are always acting behind scenes. They want the pact and are the first to violate it.
Many people want to impose the Covenant are concerned with time. This symptom is alarming. Time is something that is not measured when is related to the mission of God. The timing of God is not the same time we see the clock.
Time is urgent when we have emergence of famine, of war, calamity.
Anxiety is a symptom of insecurity. A Communion that wants to be be built on feelings of affection may not be looking at the clock. Communion is not required by formularies. Communion is lived in time that is Kairós (God's timing).


Inamar disse…
Os primeiros continuarão insistindo para serem os primeiros.
Acredito que a origem dessa crise que vivemos agora está baseada na premissa patriarcalista de sempre: os melhores sao os que dominam. Nesse caso os melhores homens, os melhores bispos. Sugiro a leitura do livro de Dom Gene Robinson :
Eye of the Storm.
Revda. Inamar

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