quinta-feira, novembro 29, 2007

A humble and wise response from Church of Ireland

On that day you will not be put to shame
       for all the wrongs you have done to me,
       because I will remove from this city
       those who rejoice in their pride.
       Never again will you be haughty
       on my holy hill.

Zephaniah 3:11

I just read a statement from Church of Ireland responding about the proposed Anglican Covenant.

The answer was given by a proposal of a new Covenant, in which appear noticeably some of our more traditional marks as Anglican Communion.
Above all, I enjoyed the reassurance of inclusiviness and the provincial autonomy as values inextricabel linked our history. The document affirms that Scriptures need to be read under the evolution of the human needs. This assertion constitutes a vehement no to those who are attempt to  build a narrow doctrinaire Covenant for specific purpose of exercising control over the Church.

This very sensible statement moved me to reflect about the today's biblical text at the morning prayer through the prophet Zephaniah. He affirms that the arrogance will be banished from the Kingdom. Instead of it will take place the humble brotherhood. In Zion there is no place for the those who considers themselves self-confident of its fidelity before God.

The doctrinaire dispute within our Communion  - enlarged now by a dispute of ecclesiastical territories - makes me feel very unhappy. What is exactly the aim of the conservatives? It seems to me a representation of that dog's psychology of mark territories as a essence of their social relashionship.

Conquer new followers and define a new anglican geopolitics became a fix idea of the conservatives. The most important for them is show that they are right and they will win.

The Southern Cone Province repeats once again the committed mistake against the Province of Brazil two years ago. The decision to open arms to welcome those discontents and those who are breaking communion with their original Provinces is so much arrogant.
The today's reading from the prophet is an alert that must help us to reflect on our divisions and arrogance. We don't need to live our faith as a continuos battle. There are no battles to be won. If we walk in this path, all of us will lose!

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