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Dearborn: a nice fellowship!

One week of rich talks with fellows from around the world and brothers and sisters from TEC. It was an opportunity to share common concerns on our mission as partner’s churches.
The meetings of the Executive Council and the Standing Committee on World Mission were shared at Hyatt Hotel in Dearborn, MI, in a midst of a very hard agenda but at the same time full of hopes and courageous decisions.
Warm welcomes were addressed to the representatives from Philippines, Mexico, Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de Centro América, Liberia and Brasil. From each of these sisters churches were heard summarized reports on their emancipations processes, their commitment with justice and peace issues and theirs actual challenges. Every address was heard with heartfelt attitude.
After 25 years of the decennial plan for autonomy, it was the first time that a Primate from Brazil and the Provincial Secretary were invited to attend the TEC’s Executive Council Meeting. This invitation, as the Archbishop Mauricio Andrade pointed, is a clear signal of maturity and a historical moment between both churches.
The common understanding that IEAB and ECUSA has the same commitment with Baptismal Covenant and could exchange gifts and dreams is a solid foundation for look forward.
The Primates of Mexico and IARCA also had the opportunity to reinforce the idea of a coalition of Provinces in America, searching for more close relationships and a more effective presence at this large continent. Poverty, exclusion, natural disasters and many others challenges asks for a Church really concerned and able to respond firmly trough the mandate of the Gospel.
Summarizing these recent events at Dearborn, I can say that we were sitting at a same table, welcoming everyone to share histories and dreams. All of us were strengthened in our awareness of collegiality. All of us shared the sacrament that we are to one another as part of the same body. As I pointed at the SCWM, we need to be more than brothers and sisters. We need become angels to one another.
Many thanks to the Presiding Bishop Katharine Schori for invite our Provinces. Many thanks to the EC and the SCWM for hear us carefully. Many thanks to our brothers from Mexico, Liberia, Philippines and IARCA for their so inspirational reports.
Finally, this gathering could be a solid step for a exciting journey within the Communion!

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John disse...

Once again, you have lifted up and celebrated the unity we share as we participate in the joyous mystery of communion. Thank you!

Una vezma s, ha resaltado y celebrado la unidad que compartimos mientras particapamos en el misterio alegre de la comunion. Gracias! Obrigato!

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