Welcome, Presiding Bishop

The Province of Brazil received with much joy the notice that Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori will visit us officially in July.
Our arms are open to receive you and to share our gifts and our dreams as a Church that serves and that is looking to welcome all people in their needs.
Here, you will receive the warmest and grateful demonstration of tenderness from a Church that is linked historically with the Episcopal Church. It is very relevant to remember that the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil was founded through the missionary spirit of your clergy. But, above all, we are a Church that incarnates strongly the Brazilian way of life. In our daily life, the liturgy, the music, all we do is a witness to the Gospel in our beloved country. We are a small church in numbers, but enormous in hospitality and public ministry
Like ECUSA, we have also suffered the tragic consequences raised by fundamentalism. We experienced a schism and like you, we lost communities, properties, clergy and people. But in spite of that we remained firm in standing ready to serve. We are a Church that has no interest in the power game within the Anglican Communion. Power for us is only that related to defending the baptismal covenant. The most important commitment is to listen to all who need to be heard and respected.
Around our Eucharistic table everybody is welcomed. Within the limits of our human and financial possibilities, we try to care for the victims of social and economic exclusion.
We deeply identify with your difficulties in maintaining the unity of the Church in the midst of so many tensions. Our Primate has expressed this feeling in several ways. We are thankful for the attention and respect with which we have been being treated by your Church.
This visit will be historic for our both Churches because it represents an opportunity to reinforce our common commitment in Christ. And it will serve to link us more and more closely in our histories. Remember that you are not alone. We can stay together!
Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva
Provincial Secretary


Luiz Coelho disse…
Hi, Fr. Xico

Very interesting comment... Which dioceses will she visit while she is in Brazil?

Also, what do you think of the Archbishop of Canterbury's decision not to invite some bishops?

Blessings to you.
Xico disse…
Dear Luiz

I just posted a commentary on the invitation to Lambeth Conference.

Thank you for your question.

Bishop Katharine will visit DARJ. I'm just starting to discuss that with 815 friends.

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