Brother or Crusader?

The installation of a schismatic bishop within a Province by a Primate that affirms to be in communion with Canterbury is definitively a signal that the Anglican Communion is radically broken.
The Archbishop Akinola is showing that neither jurisdiction or respect is sufficient to stop his will to spread his power.
The Akinola's attitude is only a symptom of how the fundamentalism does not respect borders. The initiative of the PB to write to him a letter appealing for an unequivocal respect to the Episcopal Church autonomy was so pastoral but at the same way a clear remind that the violation of such autonomy is absolutely contrary to the Church's tradition.
The response of the Nigerian Primate, in an opposite way was deeply disrespectful and in an almost monarchic tone intending to teach the Episcopal Church the faith rudiments.
Such selfish language is a mark of the messianic personalities: They think that they are almighty.
I know very well this kind of speech. I heard it from a former-bishop in Brazil . The defense of faith for these people is an obsessive fixation.
How Lambeth Palace will react ahead of this episode, if really the installation is performed? The ABC wrote to Akinola appealing do not do. If the ABC's appeal is disrespected we are in front of a serious pastoral breakage between two Primates, and unprecedentedly menace to the role of the ABC as a signal of unity.
In other words, we have now objectively and clearly a key situation. Nobody can accuse the Episcopal Church of not seeking a dialog. But Akinola has now in front of himself an emblematic question to solve: act as a brother or as an intervener. My fear is if he has sensibility for this evaluation or will act as an orthodoxy ecstatic crusader. I will pray for him to do what we expect from a Pastor.


John disse…
I think Archbishop Akinola's behavior speaks for itself, as it has for several years now. It is obvious that he has no interest at all in dialogue or preserving communion with the Episcopal Church (or any other church that does not adhere to his agenda). I was impressed with the observation that at the very time that he is in the USA to foment discord and schism, his own country is in turmoil; yet he has chosen to ignore the pastoral needs of his own people in order to violate the integrity of a sister church and ignore more than 1500 years of Christian tradition. The only question that remains for me is why other churches of the Anglican Communion have not spoken out more clearly about his irresponsible behavior. Padre Francisco, you speak with the kind of clarity I wish we heard from Canterbury and other seats of power in the Communion!
Rev. Kurt disse…
Here, here!

I agree with your words Padre and also with John.

Oh, how I wish we had more clarity from the ABC.
John disse…
The latest news in the New York Times reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury has finally communicated with Archbishop Akinola, asking him NOT to go into the diocese of Virginia to install the schismatic bishop. If he had intervened more forcefully years ago, maybe the situation would not have deteriorated to the point where we find ourselves now.

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