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An idol made of flesh

Michael Jackson's death made us think about how humankind is capable of feeling orphaned when one idol fights life's naked frailty. My adolescence's soundtrack was filled by this man's geniality.  Like me, other generations were enchanted with his creativity and glamour.  All of us imagined ourselves mimicking his unusual dance steps.  Joy and magic were part of his performance.  The whole world bowed to his talent, and his fans could be found anywhere.  But, like other idols, Michael also could not resist the weight of his image and fame.  This fragile man could not stand the pressure upon him and suffered awful consequences in his private life, which was exposed by the same media that at times sanctified him and at times took him to hell.  Once, I heard a very creative sentence on TV, which expresses very well who Michael Jackson was:  "a child who was obliged to work as a man and a man who also tried to be a child!"
Michael, follow your way in peace to the beautiful garden where all God's children certainly play and where life is an authentic childhood.  Thank you for your gifts and for making us happy with your music.  You did your best.  Your beautiful songs are going to be engraved in stone, but your failures will be carried away by mercy's winds.

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