Discerniment and courage to decide!

As a guest of the PB  I'm participating for the first time in a General Convention.
My feeling is of joy by the warm welcome I received and the constant and efficient work of volunteers who have had a very important role in this GC. My gratitude for the gesture of welcoming to many brothers and sisters from around the world revealing the true meaning which is written on the banner in front of the Convention Center.
I have seen with much appreciation the excellent level of discussions among delegates. Even on controversial subjects I can see a commitment to each other with the truth and with respect. And here I say that this convention will be historic because it can mean a breakthrough in the way of how the TEC believes that it should take its part in the mission of God's people.

For some groups, this GC is almost a character of a referendum in which the TEC will decide whether to continue or not in the Anglican Communion. For  these people maintenance of unity is a submission of a member as a evidence of goodwill. It seems to me that people still do not understand what the Archbishop of Canterbury has said continually about the need to rescue the truth as the founding basis of fidelity to the Gospel. This GC received with great affection the Archbishop, giving to him respect for his honest statements on the life of the Communion. It was a gesture of diplomacy, but also a sincere fraternal welcome. At the panel on the economic crisis a a passionate ovation was given to him recognizing his wise words.  We saw a complete agreement between him and the Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts on the way they understand the causes and the complexity in how the crisis could be faced.

When, in the other hand, it comes to discussing the inclusion of gays and lesbians in the full life of the Church necessarily they are not requirede to say the same words. Those who are not commited with the diversity see this agenda as an irreconcilable dispute that finally will break the unity within the Anglican Communion.

I have heard arguments that we must have patience, wait, show good will and many other adjectives that are unilaterally placed on the shoulders of the TEC. Here perhaps lies the question: why should only some be patients? You can not say that the unity of the Anglican Communion is based only on submission. You can not make the connection between equity and capitulation. Capitulate means losing a war and recognize a winner. You can not compare the Communion with a huge battlefield where some try to raise their flag as final winner.

Resolution B033 is being discussed. With high level of respect for diversity of opinions. I did not see any delegation condemning their opposites for think in a different perpspective. Each defends its belief with deep personal commitment to be understood.  There is no hurry to close the question, but a deep searching process of discerniment.
Certainly there will be a decision to revoke or not the resolution B033, taken in the last Convention. I'd like to say to the sisters and brothers of TEC is: do not be afraid to do what you consider to be done. Raise your hearts to God and feel what He wants you to do. You will never be alone on the road.

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