What kind of Gift?

This global crisis could be a great lesson for us all. Many people are discovering new / old ways of living the Christmas's season without the consumption normally expected.
According some polls published by some experts in market tendencies, this year will be the worst in terms of sales in shopping malls in four decades. Such a situation could transform the Christmas celebrations around the world. People must be aware about the meaning of a feast where the most important thing is not necessarily give goods but became a gift to each other. Affection, deep commitment, comfortable messages is much more authentic than simply go to shopping and spend money to buy goods.
Express feelings of brotherhood is perhaps the greatest challenge of our times. And our God expressed it in a marvelous way. The true meaning of Christmas is the God's gift, pure and simple gesture to descends from heaven and meet us face to face. And choose, to our surprise, just a poor family, a humble woman and a silent man to be the earthly family of the divine child.
Today, when I look to the numerous victims of war, the dispute of power and the insensitivity showed by world leaders, I must remind the family of Jesus. They themselves were victims of exclusion and lived in bad times for their people. But, despite all adversities, they accepted to offer themselves as gift to God. And, trough Jesus, a gift to the world.
I would like to ask, as a final provocation in this message: what kind of gift that we are prepared to be this Christmas?

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