quarta-feira, dezembro 31, 2008

Stop the war!

Before leaving for share New Year's celebrations, I wish to all my friends from far and near my best wishes for a happy 2009. And I am offering a prayer that this new year could be plenty of hope, reconciliation and promotion of human dignity.
My heart is broken by the recent atrocities seen in Gaza. But I ask the Almighty God to enlighten the hearts of world leaders, the Palestinians and Jews of bona fide to promote peace in that region. We do not want to see more innocent victims from an unjustified war.
Today, I embraced the cause of the Jewish Voice for Peace and the cause of the Shministim. I think gestures of courage and conscience of the value of peace can overcome the permanent war that separate two peoples born of the same root.
It is with this feeling that I carry from this ending year.
My prayer is that this new year could renew the hope that we can live in another world possible.
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