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Truth, social justice and respect: a truly Trinity for politicians

I would like to welcome an excellent article written by Richard T. Hughes in Episcopal Life on line dealing about the faith concerns that had been raised at the current presidential campaign in the USA.

This is particularly widespread in countries like United States or Brazil where the historical processes reveal that our societies were built under Christian values.

This reminds me some years ago a campaign led against the current Brazilian President Lula da Silva when he was candidate for first time at the presidential campaign. Some evangelical leaders spread rumours that Lula da Silva as leftist and atheist would close churches and expropriate its properties.

I read today that the candidate Barack Obama warned people about hoax e-mails they may get saying he's secretly a Muslim who might want to destroy the United States. Mitt Romney faces hostility from some evangelicals for being Mórmon. The prejudice against who aparently has no public appearance as a "good christian" is sponsored by conservatives, interfering in an agenda that could be emphasized in real proposals of government that the country needs to know.

The religious affiliation is, as unusual in previous presidential races, an issue raised in high level in the present campaign.

Here in Brazil as anywhere we have many examples of how Orthodox Christians were extremely bad leaders and have implemented policies absolutely contrary to christian values.

We must not forget that the military dictators in Brazil were all good Christians. We must not forget that the conservative moviment in America and Europe in the 80's were supported by reactionaries christians both protestant and roman. 

War, lack of humility, the economic exploitation of the poor has been listed examples of nations and leaders who say themselves Christians and good  Churchgoers.

A good candidate and potential good government is who has a clear commitment with another kind of Trinity: truth, social justice and respect for all citizens. This is the adequate criteria to evaluate candidates for rule the nation.

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Starrman disse...

I really like the readings for Epiphany. They stress that the Good News of Jesus is for everyone, not just a select few and they are especially the poor and oppressed.

A president of the United States is elected to serve all persons in the US not just the Christians in the US.

The rights and benefits of being an American - the good news of Constitution - is for all - not just Christians and the rich. I will be casting my vote with this in mind.

John disse...

Thanks for your comments! Religion as a campaign issue in the US has made it possible for candidates to avoid discussing the real Christian values of justice, equity and care for the creation.

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