terça-feira, fevereiro 19, 2008

Who will hear us?



The Primate of Brazil, Most Revd. Mauricio Andrade made a statement addressed to the Anglican Communion on the recent letter from five Primates confirming the boycott to the Lambeth Conference.

In his declaration the Primate points the need to witness the unity of the Communion. As Anglicans we are not a Federation of Churches. If we continues to highlight the conflict between us, who will heara us?

The Archbishop also reaffirms the position of the Brazilian Church to understand that the Covenant is unnecessary  because we must seek communion and not domination. In addition to that, our tradition is clearly defined in Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral.

To those who are seeking a more authentic orthodoxy

the Archbishop answers:  orthodoxy in fact is nothing more than proclaiming the love of God who reconciles us with life, and abundant life.

He also expressed his recognition that the TEC has been very generous to fulfill everything that  were asked by the Primates and other instances of the Communion. Despite this, some Primates are rejecting to stay in communion with it.

The complete text of the statement can be found at the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil at www.ieab.org.br

Two versions (english and portuguese could be find).

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Padre Mickey disse...

Thanks for posting this, Padre Xico. Sane words from a Primado of the Global South.

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