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Christ to all people and cultures

"Adorazione dei Magi" (XV sec.) - Domenico Ghirlandaio Spedale degli Innocenti - Firenze.

After a deserved retreat to celebrate Christmas and New Year with friends and away from the routine of Office, I'm returning again inspired by the manifestation of Christ to the world, as we celebrate in this season of the Epiphany.

In it, the presence of the Magi before the boy and his offer of worship is a clear assertion that other people and cultures are welcome to the presence of Christ. God by himself, revealed to these men from the East that the odd phenomenon of the Incarnation occurred.
This is a clear message that the divine revelation does not depend only on us but that is manifested despite us!

The scene of the visit of the Magi is eschatological. Joining hearts and wishes before the incarnate God we find the cosmos, all cultures, all genders, all social classes, and all celestial powers.

Who are we to destroy this harmony? How can we stop or overcome this synchronism?

Our commitment as Christians is proclaim the reconciliation between all people. Our mission is build within the concreteness of history the epiphanic painting.

Behave differently or create more and more gaps between cultures and people is act against the God's will.

Unfortunately while writing this post i saw in a British newspaper an article from bishop Michael Nazir-Ali about Muslims ghettoes  in Britain. Many reactions from British Muslim community came out. My question to the bishop is: are you aware that your article would be published in the Sunday of Epiphany?

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John disse...

Thanks for your Epiphany reflection! Your perspective goes to the heart of the celebration of this day and season; it stands in sharp opposition to those who would try to narrow and limit God's gracious revelation.

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