Easter Message

Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her. (John 20:18)

Dear brothers and sisters!
The experience of Mary Magdalene translates the deepest desire of disciples of Jesus after the terrific facts that they experienced in the days leading up to Easter. The broken hearts, hope almost destroyed, dreams almost undone by the inhumanely way in which religious and political leaders treated Jesus of Nazareth.
Jesus represented for them the hope for a different world, realization of God's Kingdom. But when everything seemed lost in the eyes of logic, God manifests his power, reaffirming the power of life and freeing from the grave who lay among the dead .
How many of us in the struggle of life, we do not feel like the disciples on Friday and Holy Saturday ? How many of us do not claim - as the Lord Himself on the Cross - God has abandoned us to defend for
Or how many times we are tempted to accept the premise that it is impossible to fight against unjust structures? In this Easter we are challenged to identify ourselves with every moment of the passion of our Lord. Because the Passion of him is our own. As the Prophet said: Truly he took our infirmities, and
our sorrows on his shoulders(Is 53: 4)
But thanks be to God that the History of Salvation overcomes the power of death and makes new all things. That's why the voice of the Risen speaks to us saying : Do not fear, I am!
May in this Easter, our diocese renew our  faith and hope that the Lord is with us , that the tomb does not have definitively the last word.
May we celebrate Easter as a new moment that erases our sorrows. May the Risen lead us to a new birth and an strengthener testimony. Let's say like Mary Magdalene to the hopeless , I saw the Lord ! A blessed Passover of the Lord !

+Francisco de Assis da Silva
Southwestern Brazil


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