The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil responds to the Anglican Covenant

The  Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil announced today its official position on the consultation sent by the Anglican Consultative Council about the proposed Anglican Covenant.

A deep and long process of discernment was leaded by the Primate`s Special Commission in consultation with bishops and lay leaders around the Province.
The Brazilian representative at the Anglican Consultative Council, Prof. Dr. Joanildo Burity raised before the Special Commission the subsidies of the discussions held in Jamaica on the proposed Covenant.
The document released today by the IEAB stated that the first three sessions of the Covenant meet what are historically the understanding that  Anglicans have about their faith and the nature of the Church. Are already mentioned in the major theological documents that the church built over his existence.
In relation to section four, the IEAB expressed its concern about some unclear concepts and a juridical style unusual in the history of Anglicanism. While all provinces have achieved a consensus on what we would call the values of our theological tradition expressed in the first three sections, the fourth has certain contradictions between what is affirmed and what is expected to meet, creating mechanisms for control,  absolutely new to our tradition.
Is very appropriate to note that the position of the Church in Brazil has evolved toward consensus with the majority of the Communion as its first official position, taken in 2008. In that occasion the House of Bishops published an statement denying the need of a Covenant. The process of developing and understanding that other provinces also evolved in this direction lead to the conclusion that IEAB accept that the first three sections of the Covenant can be subscribed without reservation. Remains, however the restriction to section four for his obvious inadequacies in the tradition of our Communion. The IEAB understands that communions needs bonds of affection more than juridical covenants.
The Revd. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

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