domingo, setembro 27, 2009

Honduras: a civil war on the way?

The recent political crisis in Honduras has increased to a dangerous level and could cause a irreversible civil war. Affected for years of power of economical oligarchies that never managed to implement changes in the social pyramid of one of the most poor countries of the continent, Honduras assists the tentative of its elites to legitimize interests with a violent coup d'etat.


Despite an unanimous condemnation of the coup from the international society the usurpers are not considering any alternative to negotiate  the returning of deposed Manuel Zelaya, the legitimately elected President.


 Isolated and supported only by lying arguments and untenable justifications the President de facto try to remain in the power at the expense of violations of the human rights, imposing suspention of constitutional rights and repressing with violence the popular demonstrations.


The brazilian governement now is at the center of the crisis because the deposed President is refuged inside the Brazil's Embassy since last monday. According international law, Brazil is acting in right way beacause is offering refuge for Zelaya.


The life of the deposed Presdident is under risk and he has the right to ask for safeguard of his life on account of the political situation  of his country. The despair of the usurpers is the fact that now Zelaya is inside the territory of Honduras, contradicting so all the efforts of maintaining him out of the country.


The  Brazilian politics related to international affairs has a tradition of not interference in the internal life of foreign nations but what is taking place in Honduras is a clear violation of the international laws. It is a break of a constitutional order by  violence and a political and military intimidation against its diplomatic representation.


The most recent challenge launched by the usurpers against the Brazilian government is the ultimatum  to resolve the political situation of the deposed President Zelaya. The Brazilian Embassy has ten days to decide the status of Zelaya. If not, the usurpers will take measures to result the situation.


The nature  of this  declaration  constitutes a serious threat and must be assumed in all his consequences. The UN's Council of Security  manifested itself already on the inviolability of the Brazilian embassy and this threat is only one more sign of what the government de facto is falling in despair.


The President Lula issued a statement saying that do not accept threats from an ilegitimate government and if some illegal action is taken against the Embassy, Honduras is violating all international laws. If the army loyal to the usurpers act against the integrity of the Embassy, this action could be interpreted as a declaration of war.


It seems to me that  Michelletti is making  most difficult the situation and wants a confrontation that will not be good at all for the Honduran people. This can lead to an end with a bloody conflict and an uncertain result for both sides: supporters of Zelaya and supporters of usurpers.


My prayers for Honduras and for the restoration of the democratic order under the leadership of his legitimate President.













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