sábado, abril 11, 2009

The Hades lost the game!

When the first light of morning on Sunday enter a tomb only will be found linens gently perfumed by the hands  of the faithful women.

Who was dead is no longer there. The Hades has no more power over him. Christ  is risen.

All Passion is only the price and condition for the manifestation of something new and completely different.

When we look around us we can easily identify with the Passion of our Planet. Nature cries of pain caused by the destruction founded in selfishness and insensitivity.

The poor cries in pain by the shame of living by the charity of others and crumbs that fall down from the table of the rich. Children cries in abandonment and exploitation suffering in a world that fails in develop a sense of responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

Women still suffer discrimination and some of them become victims of fatal male violence seen with complacency by the society. Drugs have killed more than wars and their victims are a signal that our society is losing this fight.

This is the daily Passion of the world. It is difficult to accept this reality naturallly. But we need to remember that this Passion was fully assumed by our Lord. He wanted to take all our pain and the pain of the entire Creation.

He took in his arms our poor, our women, our men, our children, our beloved animals, and the whole nature. He carried the weight of all this with patience and deep love.

And He won. Trough Him everything is possible again. This hope must be the foundation of our lives. Life is the last word of God to us. We need embrace as he did the pain of the world. We must share this Passion everyday with so many brothers and sisters who have the same hope in new life. And never stop believing that tomorrow will be another day!

May the power this Easter bring us the joy of just seeing linens without the body. May we renew our trust in the certainty that life is beautiful and full. The Hades lost the game! Happy Easter!

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