Silence and Obedience: Joseph

One of the most impressive lessons I learned from Joseph, husband of Mary and father of Jesus is on ground as his life was an unquestionable submission to God’s will. And in all this, a point to emphasize: there is no record of any word in the Gospels made by him!

Many thoughts, many intentions many carefully considerations, but always introspective. And the result was always to please God. To follow the divine inspiration and do what was best for Mary and the Child.

The biblical narrators not registered any word from his mouth, but many thoughts and wise decisions. In their hands and heart the Child and Mary always felt safe and loved.

This Lent, perhaps it is time to imitate the Joseph’s example. Many of us used to talk so much, but often we do not act as the same measure of our spoken words. Normally we prefer speak than hear the will of God.

Our true beliefs must be seen in our concrete actions. This season of Lent could be a great opportunity to review our concrete commitment to the church and its mission. Remember that our gestures are more excellent than our words.

Let Joseph inspire us to do with humble spirit obey more than talk. Our prayer could be as the collect of the day tells us: Lord our God, who chose the humble carpenter of Nazareth to be the home where your child Jesus was born, gives us the same willingness to obey your will, governs our families in your love and reverence!.


Rob Laws+ disse…
Thanks for this! I have never considered this point before. You've given me new food for thought on this St. Joseph's day.
wilder rodrigues disse…
muito bom!!!

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