Could be human rights a criteria for to be part of the Anglican Communion?

After reading carefully the report on the human rights situation in Nigeria I felt very sad about the silence of the Nigerian Church and its connivance with such violence that is practiced there.
The recent debate about legislative changes in Nigeria strengthen homophobic policies and the support that leaders of the Anglican Church has offered to extend these rules even more
has drawn the attention of organizations of human rights worldwide. My feeling of shame increases when I saw the church failing to defend the integrity and the basic rights of people who are criminalized for being homosexuals.
The basic and fundamental question is not to agree or not with the sexual orientation of individuals.
The most important in this problem is only related in values that are at the root of the Gospel: the dignity of every person should be respected unconditionally.
In the name of an orthodoxy that has fueled censure and exclusion of other parts of the Anglican Communion for its liberal attitudes, the Church of Nigeria is destroying the whole building in which is based its own logical orthodoxy. If orthodoxy is to do what is the announcement of good news why
such good news are not for everyone?

Behave in this way is to do as Pontius Pilate did. His option was uniquely to ensure his status quo. What authority has a church which acts this way? What authority has his self proclaimed orthodoxy?
Where is the obedience to the resolution of Lambeth so widely advocated by orthodox when the same resolution requires an attitude of respect for homosexual persons?
Those who advocate the creation of an Anglican Covenant should perhaps think about consider the respect for human dignity as a pillar of that Covenant. The adherence to the Convenant should include an unrestricted commitment related to the duty to respect the dignity of all people within the the regulatory framework of human rights.

But I think the conservatives would not accept that additon because human rights are not specififcally Christian doctrine. The question that I raise therefore here is: A church that becomes connivant with human rights violations can be part of the Communion?


Xico, acho que vc colocou bem a questão! Certas posturas conservadoras não significam "ortodoxia".
Ortodoxia tem a ver com Tradição (assunto que ando pesquisando ultimamente). A Igreja Cristã só começou a ter uma "ortodoxia" desvinculada da vida humana a partir do momento que se tornou um braço do Império Romano. Carisma e Poder nunca deram certo juntos...

A ortodoxia nigeriana é, no fundo, uma aliança com os interesses mais diabólicos do capitalismo, porque é uma forma de receber apoio financeiro dos grupos mais reacionários da América do Norte e da Europa.

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