Answers can change the world

We celebrate today the Feast of the Annunciation. A detailed analysis of this event between an Angel and Maria tells us
something very simple, but essential: an answer.
Many people often prefer to emphasize the supernatural aspects of the epiphanic events within the Bible. And really we have fantastic list of those that are beautiful. It's not every day that someone has
the privilege to see and hear an angel saying something extraordinary.
But the most important is not the elements that constitute the side of the supernatural. The miracle depends from the side of natural: the
response we give to God's call.
Mary was courageous and his Yes was crucial for everything who followed the
plan of God for humankind. All wonderful and all miracle is effective
only when hearts are open and willing to do God's will. This response
of the young Mary changed her life and also the course of history.
Was a response from inside, entire, not only in lips. Answers like that are what God
expects from us: full and precise answers. Answers with integrity: our life, our body, our
soul and all that we are and what we have. Blessed be Mary, for her courage
and for her complete trust in God's call!
The quality of our answers could change the world as Mary did.


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