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Mostrando postagens de Abril, 2008

Brazilian Bishops responds to the St Andrews's Draft of the Covenant

During its last meeting in Curitiba, the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil generated an official response to the Anglican Covenant - St. Andrew's Draft.  Such draft was sent to all Anglican Communion provinces, so they would examine it and send suggestions to it.After a consultation process leaded by the Primatial Advisor group, a letter was presented before the Bishop's House and discussed and unanimously agreed.Bellow you can read the full text. The original letter also could be found at www.ieab.org.br in the documents section.Life in Communion and the Communion of LifeAt our meeting of the House of Bishops , we, the bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, , wish to say that we are following with great interest the work of the Commission, which is proposing to the Anglican Communion a Covenant whose objective would be to help overcome the current tensions within the church. We appreciate the effort and sincere concern of this group and …

Brazilians Bishops protests against Venables violation of Windsor Report

A statement issued by Brazilian Bishop's House was delivered to all te Anglican Communion on the recent unauthorized visit within the Brazilian Province broking definetively the bounds between the two Provinces:Bellow the complete statement.Curitiba, April, 03, 2008. To His Grace The Most Reverend and Right Honourable The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan WilliamsAnd to the Primates, Moderators of the United Churches, Bishops and to all the Faithful of the Anglican Communion The House of Bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil gathered in Curitiba unanimously express their strong repudiation of the recent visit by the Archbishop of the Southern Cone to the city of Recife, where he took part in and celebrated at official occasions outside his Province without the knowledge and consent of the Archbishop of the Province of Brazil and this House of Bishops. This disrespectful and arrogant attitude against the Province of Brazil, is another element of discord caused by …