segunda-feira, julho 28, 2008

No winners, no loosers!

After two weeks of an intense program, the Lambeth Conference is waiting for a final period when all the discussions, plenaries, groups and indabas can point more accurately referrals we can expect will raise for the future of the Communion.
These referrals by multiform models will become its response both to internal and external audiences. As the Archbishop said at the opening address, this audience is so vast and anxious!
My experience these days here assures to me that the result of this Conference will frustrate those who are expecting a complete debacle of the Anglican Communion.
I was so impressed how some media representatives and GAFCON's spokespersons infiltrated at the Conference were working in provoke this terrible result.
The end of the Communion does not benefit anyone.
This Conference invited people to hear more than to talk. And this is the great goal that until now the gathering is achieving. It is so evident in testimonials given by bishops and spouses. Words as trust, deepening hearings, integrity in speeches, and very close sense of kind feelings are so repeatedly spoken and written.
Sometimes people are fast in prejudice without know accurately their enemies! I heard from Archbishop of Sudan an answer to a press media that represents the best example of what I'm saying: I never meet him personally! This was a response to the question: had you meet Gene Robinson before?
This is the mainly reason to some people fight sometimes with their own shadows. They have enemies that never had meet before. When we meet and hear each other we can find ways to not condemn others.
Many things could still happen in this Conference until its end, but surely many hearts were disarmed by frankly and trusty conversations. Those who not came by prejudice or fear loose the opportunity to be heard and listen to others. They preferred to continue struggling with their own shadows. Our hope is that still there is time to approach to the table!

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Ann disse...

Can you reveal the author of this item? Thanks

John disse...

Gracias por su comentario! Sigo esperando que la Comunion se mantenga a pesar de los multiples esfuerzos por derrotarla.

Xico disse...

Thank you john for your comment..Yo también espero que no percamos esa riqueza que es la comunión.

Xico disse...

Thnaks for interact with me again.
I didn't understand your question, but the author of the post was myself..
Best wishes to you

Ann disse...

Thanks for responding. Say hi to Mary from Massachusetts when you see her.

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