Confessing or Practicing?


I remember from  my lessons in History of the Church  the impact caused in England by the so-called millennial petition movement made by non - conformist in the beginning of James I reign. At that time the non-conformist wanted to reform the church and transform it into an arm of continental Calvinist Protestantism.
The response gave by the king to petitioners at Hampton Court is now in my mind: I know very well you!

The king, of course was referring to those more radical puritans. Later, in his writings on his famous work Basilicon Doron he said that the puritans were sediciosos, who had no respect for authorities.

I see some parallels between contemporary puritans of James I and the movement today called FOCA - Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans. Obviously the first fruit of GAFCON Conference!

They want to build an Anglicanism under a puritan framework and likeness their self understanding  of orthodoxy, ignoring our tradition and disrespecting violently all the institutions that historically were built for a effective church's witness. The disrepectful mention on the Archbishop of Canterbury is only a little signal that reveals where they want to go!

They hold the truth of everything and on everything. They are self-called reformers. They feel to be the truly church. All others need to repent and step back to what that are proposing.

At least, they are needing spiritual healing. Nobody self-centered can consider itself as a model of spirituality. Neither Archbishops, bishops, clergy or individuals beings.
Looking at the various statements that are made by the so-called liberals, I see none of them proudly to consider the truth as something they have closed in their hands.

The truth is always a search. There is no port where the truth arrived definitely. The truth is born in the wave of the Spirit that moves always challenging our own convictions. The truth is not an idea: it is fundamentally a praxis. Right confession of right comprehension on metaphysical  dogmas is not sufficient to guarantee anything! Remember: The word was made flesh!
At the place of a FOCA I think we can propose another alternative: AWA - Anglicans who act!

The slogan for this group must be: Acting under the God's love to a World loved by Him!


Michael Pollesel disse…
muito bem dito, meu amigo!
revLois Keen disse…
Thank you so much for this. Your post has turned my whole spirit around, toward building up the body in compassion through being and doing.
Lois Keen

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