Clouds over Lambeth?

Since it started, the Conference has been an example of a quiet meeting involving successive sessions of celebration, reflection, sharing and hearing.
The heavy clouds for now are only those of the undecided British summer .
In a press news release, the Archbishop Rowan Williams reaffirmed his sadness with the absence of those who decided to boycott the conference. He expressed that the group who choiced stay away are loosing the opportunity to talk and to hear.
As a witness of the Conference I'm experiencing that beyond clouded sky we have beauty in Kent! Flowers, trees, birds and rabbits are crossing our ways within the campus.
The atmosphere seems that there is a strong communion between the more than 600 bishops who are joining the Conference. This is not guarantee that all are agreeing in everything, but all are agreeing in the indaba method.
Until Sunday the nature of the Conference will be more introspective with the five addresses that the Archbishop will deliver for his colleagues. I heard from a Brazilian bishop that he is so impressed with the atmosphere of communion. In this way, I can see that the previous opinion reveals that hope is surpassing fears.
I think this is a natural consequence of a rude statement that came from GAFCON. If the conservatives are convinced that their statement will cause more confusion, they underestimated the results. We can see more agreement than disagreement here in these days.
Surely the Conference will change for a more rooted discussions in actual thematics - some of them divisives - but certainly people who are here are expecting dialogs and not monologues!


Padre Rob+ disse…
This is so encouraging to read. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to hearing more.

Peace and Grace
Rob Laws+
Leonardo Ricardo disse…
Lovely reporting...I felt like joining the sunny rabbits and leaping all over the lawn...sort of a Martha(o) Graham rabbit dance is what I had in mind...onward Bishops to indaba-land (I love that "indaba" word...think I'll dwell on it soon).

Best to you and thank you Francisco Silva!

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