quarta-feira, junho 25, 2008

God save Zimbabwe


Is absolutely unacceptable for anyone in healthy conscience to see the escalation of violence that we saw in Zimbabwe. Threats, killings and injuries caused to people indiscriminately are part of a dramatic process of maintenance of a dictatorship leaded by Robert Mugabe.
When I visited that country ten years ago I could perceive the social inequality and exclusion of the vast majority of zimbabwans. For me, to see that poverty and disenchantment raised to me a question: to where was the dream of an Africa free of colonialism?

In that time I was visiting Harare as delegate of the WCC's Assembly. I remember that Mugabe visited us and made a speech marked by an empty populism and he was only concerned about the lights and cameras before him.
The world has witnessed a monstrous process of violence and disrespect of human rights that must be stopped strongly as possible. 


My solidarity to all people of Zimbabwe. They can not suffer the consequences of dictator mentally ill.
The international society must do something. It is not enough just words or expressions of opinions. I have heard some statements from politicla leaders about.
We need concrete and legitimate actions to isolate Robert Mugabe. Most of his power comes from economic and militar support offered by allies. We must stop this dictatorship. Mugabe  Mugabe must be ejected from power and tried for his infamous crimes against freedom and his people!

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Bishop Alan Wilson disse...

The sadness about Mugabe is that he started out as a rather shy Catholic boy, genuinely devout and thoughtful. Doubtless one day historians will be able to tell us whether he lost his grip on reality, or was corrupted by power, or simply couldn't cope with his responsibilities — and how tens of thousands died as a result. It's so sad and desperate.

Xico disse...

I agree with your comment. Mugabe was acclaimed by ecumenical leaders during the process of liberation and receive strong support. After be in power he forgot all this...

Anônimo disse...

Por que seu blog é em inglês?

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