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The risk of Hybris: Anglicans who consider themselves as fully right!

Many analyses have been made on the current crisis within the Anglican Communion, which increasingly is issuing in schisms in many parts of the Communion.

Generally they refer to theological matters referring to the differences in hermeneutics as the main cause of tensions, especially related to what the Bible says about sexual behavior. That is true.

In the view of others, the central issue is related to power. Power to try and show that the truth is owned by those who define themselves as defenders of the true faith. This is also true.

But I would add a new aspect in these analyses: the inflation of the self or, in Greek, HYBRIS.

People who consider themselves as model of faith sometimes forget completely the community dimension, the collegiality and humility before others.

They often underestimate the weight of institutions, canons, hierarchy, obedience --  everything that might mean a limit to their convictions.

The path that many Anglicans are choosing today is the dangerous path of spiritual pride.

Do you remember the path of Peter? He said that he never would betray the Lord. And we all know what happened. Thank God,   there is always the chance of forgiveness, but only after purification of the ego and the destruction of Hybris.

There is an Indian proverb that says the following: when we speak so loud we are distant from our hearts and from our brothers’ heart. This is a way of saying that those who shout are living in a state of Hybris. For them there is no dialogue, but monologues.
But in fact, no one can be considered the true owner of truth. The truth belongs to God.

I hope that those who today are breaking the communion and going out from the table will experience the Peter’s path

For the wellbeing of the Anglican Communion and for the growth of our maturity!

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Bishop Alan Wilson disse...

Perhaps one of the things "development" does for people is develop the ego! Thanks for your analysis of our problem, Francisco.

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