At a Mugabe's feets...

As was not enough the biblical fundamentalism conservative and its sad consequences within Anglican Communion, my eyes did not want to believe in what bishops' from Central Africa stated on the Zimbabwe context, in a Pastoral Letter. In that document, practically the Anglican Church puts herself kneeling in front of a dictator. Everybody have knowledge about what Mugabe is doing against his political objectors. The daily violations of human rights and power maintenance by violent and intimidate ways are so evident to the public opinion around the world. The groups that support him in power are so unscrupulous. The fear is the language used agains who defies the President.
While organizations and governments are trying to pressure Mugabe to leave the Anglicans bishops argue in favor of an intangible harmony in the current circumstances. Expressing an rhetorical nationalism, they condemned the West for cause the suffering of Zimbabwean people.
The document makes no reference to the persecuted under authoritarian regime. Any word is written in favor of the political transparence and the intimidation during the electoral process in course.
In the place of a prophetic address we see a fragile speech on the peace that ignores injustice.
The alliance between Mugabe and the Bishop Kunonga – Diocese of Harare - is very well known in Zimbabwe. This kind of submission is so embarrassing for the Anglican Church.
Our Church in Zimbabwe needs to reaffirm the Gospel commitment with Justice and the Human Rights. No theological reasons can support a blind obedience to an Dictator. As Church we need to answer the calling to exercise prophetic role in the world. We can not agree with the use of indiscriminate power by anyone
When I read the letter, the first feeling was that it is not a pastoral in any way. To see twelve bishops without any courageous reference in favor of Justice and freedom make me ashamed.


John disse…
Padre, I share your frustration with the bishops of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe -- especially in the light of the very strong stand by the Roman Catholic archbishop calling for peaceful protests against the dictatorship.
Xico disse…
Thank you John for your agreement. Unfortunately, this weak behavior is a proof how the fundamentalist are so relatives in some questions of justice!
Luiz Coelho disse…
I read that... And I am also tremendously depressed with that. The worst part is when they say that "they know that the situation is hard for the poor".

Two remarks.

The Abp. of Central Africa endorsed the Pastoral Letter.

Some weeks ago, the same archbishop, co-signed (with the Abp. of Canterbury) a letter of concern about the situation in Zimbabwe.
Carlos Wembley disse…
Olá, Rev. parece que seu blog virou lugar de "panelinha". Lamentável entrar neste blog e não ter mais artigos recentes em português, depois se dizem inclusivos. Lamentável.
Carlos Wembley disse…
O que mais me irrita é que no caso de assuntos "polêmicos", tenta-se mudar o idioma p/ que tão somente os da "panelinha" possam se manifestar. Não quero aqui polemizar, mas a sua atitude é no mínimo estranha, não democrática, não inclusiva. Que publique os artigos nas duas línguas, é justo e não "camufla" nada. Talvez não entre mais neste blog , ele está com cara de "panela".

Fique em paz,
Xico disse…
Prezado Carlos
Não entendi a sua reação. O fato de estar em inglês os últimos artigos não significa exclusão, mas apenas que os interlocutores que tem reagido aos meus artigos são da Comunhão Anglicana e eles não lêem português. tentarei fazer os artigos em português também, oportunizando interação com leitores nossos. Desculpe-me mas minha intenção não foi excluir ninguém.
Um abraço,

Frank Kajfes Ottawa Canada disse…
I will refer all to the words of UBI CARITAS by Maurice Durufle . . . the words say it all:

Ubi caritas et amor [where there is charity and love] Deus ibi est [God is there].
Congregavit nos in unam Christi amor [The love of Christ has gathered us together]. Exultemus et in ipso jucundemur [Let us rejoice and be glad in it]. Timeamus et amemus Deum vivum, et ex corde diligamous nos sincero [Let us revere and love the living God and from a sincere heart love one another].

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