Flesh....and not Text

Anglicans from around the world are gathering in Joannesburg, South Africa, to reflect about the Church's role in concrete involvement in the MDGs Campaign for overcome poverty in the world. Millennium goals is a set priorities that UN has demanded to implement, with the support from the Governments and organizations for reduce economic inequalities up to 2015.

The Conference called TEAM - Toward an affective Anglican Mission - was opened with eucharistic celebration by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primate of Southern Province in a Parish located at Tsakane. A vibrant community received the delegates with a warm and profound celebration full of rooted faith and very nice welcome.

At the opening speech, the next day in plenary, the Archbishop Williams emphasized that the church has the responsibility that is to make God known to the world. Exploring the meaning of the word "know", the Archbishop assumed that make God known is fundamentally to establish a profound intimacy relationship with all people, especially those that are met today at the margins of human rights.

"The Word did not became a text, but became flesh", said the Archbishop, unveiling that Church is defied to be involved concretely with the needs of the world. These words provoked an intense audience applause, translating a common feeling from those who are so frustrated on the lost of time and energies in the recent discussions on orthodoxy.

It is so comfortable to see Primates, Bishops, clergy and lay people discussing new ways to face with confidence and spiritual will the challenges of an authentic service to the world. Poverty, HIV-AIDs, Human Rights, Health, Dignity to those excluded, are some of the issues that are the mainly agenda for a Church that understand itself as a God's instrument to reveal His love.

The sharing of bread and wine at the celebrations are a signal about what we need to do. Is the hope that another world is possible. The Church is challenged to be prophetic and spend all their gifts in became available for all humankind.


PadreRob+ disse…
Thank God the attention and energies of the Anglican Communion is finally going to real Gospel work. There are people dying from hunger and AIDS, meanwhile we quibble over something that Jesus neevr discussed.

Thank you, for posting this; it is very encouraging to read.

Anônimo disse…
Fr. Xico,

I hope it's everything wonderful with you, Pulika and Fabiano in South Africa.

Thank God at least during TEAM, people in the Anglican Communion have stopped discussing about the same subjects that have characterized our church for the last years.
Rev. Kurt disse…
Thank you for your reflection on TEAM.

It is nice to get another perspective !

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